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Whether you are a business leader, entrepreneur, director or owner of a SME business, UK Director Magazines’ family of local business magazines:
Essex Director, Norfolk Director and Suffolk Director, all have one very simple aim, to help run your business better.

We want to refocus global and UK business news so the stories are more relatable to local business leaders and owners of SMEs; news that will be relevant to our readership who are all based in Essex, Norfolk and Suffolk.

Below is a snippet of some of the latest news stories hitting the headlines locally.

So, if you have a business news story that covers our counties and you think it would be of interest, then please send your PR, together with a photo, to

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The latest news from UK Director Magazines

Norfolk Director News

Anglian Demolition & Asbestos announces new managing director

Suffolk Director News

Paddy & Scott’s welcomes new investor and strategic advisor

Essex Director News

Essex law firm elevates presence in Basildon

Suffolk Director News

APM survey finds SMEs have ‘concerning’ skills gaps in project management

Suffolk Director News

Ipswich Town Football Club named new patron of Suffolk Chamber of Commerce


As a friend of business owners, directors, partners and senior decision makers, UK Director business magazines have one very simple aim, to help YOU run your business better. Whether that is through content that shares experiences and knowledge, gives tips and advice, or talks about the latest news and issues, our style of language avoids the jargon and acronyms and ensures our articles are presented in a concise and easy way to read.


Everything we do speaks to the personality behind the business, and this includes our events, which are only open to business owners, directors, partners and senior decision makers. We host events in Suffolk, Norfolk and Essex, providing opportunities to network with like-minded people and learn from our peers in an educational environment.

Norfolk Director June 2024

On 4th June 2024, Norfolk Director held it’s annual ‘helping to run your business better’ event at The Forum in Norwich themed ‘Scale Up & Grow’.

Suffolk Director March 2024

Suffolk Director February 2023

Podcasts and Videos

Listen to or watch our latest podcasts and videos where we talk candidly with local business leaders providing a space where you can listen, learn and laugh as we really get to know how our guests tick

Podcasts coming soon…

Interview with Peter Wilson

When asking people that know Peter Wilson, Group MD of Cory Brothers, how best to describe him, words such as positive, approachable, and friendly, would not be far from the top of the list.

One thing’s for sure, spend just a couple of minutes with...

quickfire with Charlotte Bate

Charlotte has worked as an HR Professional, Trainer and Coach for over 20 years and has a wealth of...

Interview with Hayley Johnson

Uk Director Magazine interview with Hayley Johnson from Artlist, at Artlist we help bring together the two most important...

Business Club

As well as giving you access to our ‘Business Buddy’ network, our UK Director Business Club, provides you with a raft of additional benefits. These include exclusive access to new and historic resources and authentic content, as well as member only events and special discounts; all with the aim of helping you run your businesses better. Membership is only open to business owners, directors, partners and senior decision makers.

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