179 years’ trading experience under Cory’s belt

By James Crosby, Cory Brothers
At the time of writing we are finally, hopefully, emerging from the last tranche of restrictions put in place due to the pandemic, and I am pleased to say that Cory Brothers has never been as busy as it is now.
Published in Suffolk Director Magazine, Summer 2021

Supply Chain: Cory Brothers

When COVID-19 first hit in March 2020, it was very difficult for us, but we were in good shape as our business is resilient, strong and agile. We’re fast learners and adapt quickly; key traits that help underpin our longevity.

People were stuck at home and not spending money on holidays, hospitality, or events. Instead, the UK splurged online with major retail therapy, providing a huge surge in demand for goods and therein, a lot more import cargo to handle. Consequently, our import volumes went through the roof and the trend hasn’t stopped. Ocean freight import rates are the highest we have seen and that is down to supply and demand. Exports also increased as did the demand for our air and road freight services.

Going the extra mile

Our Logistics team have been amazing; working extremely hard over longer hours, to ensure customers’ supply chains are looked after despite all the difficulties. The forensic preparations undertaken for Brexit really paid off, so when the day finally arrived, we were ready. The new procedures delivered some teething issues, which were quickly resolved. Our new and existing customers are happy, the workload is increasing, and we continue to grow the team; in the last 12 months alone, we’ve employed 14 new staff to our Logistics Division. I’m immensely proud of how they’ve settled in, adapted, and just got on with it.

Having transitioned to working from home in March 2020, we now offer ALL our team flexible working: they choose where they wish to work, office, home, or both.

Structured to be versatile and adaptable

Having a flat management structure with trusted people ensures quick decisions and true agility. Our entire business is now more versatile, more adaptable and future friendly. Not least because of our exciting joint venture ‘VertomCory’, where we have paired up with our good friends and business partners at Vertom. We have new digital platforms; new specialist departments and we continue to diversify to provide a wider range of services to our customer base.

Also, through VertomCory, Cory Brothers’ geographical reach is extending further adding new countries and more opportunities for us to grow and develop. The two new and exciting digital platforms are nearly ready and will launch this summer. Both will be offering a major boost for our customers, providing them with further vision, clarity and control over their supply chains.

The commercial team are naturally eager to get back out and visit customers, suppliers and new prospects. Along with our newfound virtual meeting skills, the future will be a mix of both.

Overall, we are very mindful how quickly the situation can change for better or worse. Cory Brothers outlook remains very positive, and we are very optimistic that the increased workload will be sustained and help contribute towards the UK economic recovery. With 179 years trading experience, we’ve always looked forward and will continue to plan, invest and adapt.

James Crosby is Logistics Director at Cory Brothers. Find out how Cory Brothers can improve your supply chain at logistics@corybrothers.com 

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