MENTA holding masterclasses to help businesses and charities prepare for GDPR

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Businesses and Charities Start to Prepare for the Biggest Changes to Data Protection for 20 Years.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force on the 25th of May 2018.  It represents the biggest change in data protection law in the last 20 years and it’s going to have a profound effect on the way businesses, organisations and charities gather, store, secure and maintain their data.

Nearly all companies and organisation and some individuals are very likely to be subject to the GDPR as they are classed as either ‘controllers’ or ‘processors’ of personal data.  The GDPR covers general personal data, along with high risk ‘special categories’ of personal data which can be used to identify a person and therefore, if lost, represent a risk to their ‘rights and freedoms’. For instance, this can be a name, address or IP address, political and religious views, financial, health and criminal records and sexual orientation.

Alex Till, CEO of MENTA said “Businesses and companies covered by the GDPR have to be more accountable for their handling of personal information and the reporting procedures when there is a breach are being strengthened.  The fines and penalties when people don’t get it right or they can’t demonstrate this accountability will be eye watering.”

MENTA are holding GDPR masterclasses in Ipswich and Bury St Edmunds to meet business owners and their employees need for knowledge and have appointed Robert Masson of The DPO Centre as trainer. Robert commented, “The four-hour masterclasses are ideal for the people within an organisation that have been tasked with implementing and ensuring compliance.  The sessions are hands-on, interactive and will enable delegates to find out about the regulation, the many and varied ways it will affect them, the changes in processes that will be impacted and the necessary steps which businesses will need to take to ensure compliance”.

For more details regarding MENTA’s GDPR masterclasses go to or call 01284 760206. Or for the ICO’s 12 Step Plan for GDPR, go to

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