Leading Suffolk wholesaler celebrates 100 years

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Thomas Ridley Foodservice is celebrating 100 years of being a foodservice wholesaler.   

Kicking off 2018, Thomas Ridley, based in Bury St Edmunds, is continuing to invest in the business with the new 25,000 square foot freezer facility now being fully operational and increasing the current frozen sales volume capacity by over 50%. This development represents a further £3.6 Million investment, which coincides with the business’ 100 year anniversary as a limited company. Service levels will remain industry leading thanks to voice picking, warehouse management and multi-order picking onto electronic trucks.

From humble beginnings Thomas Ridley has grown to become one of the UK’s leading independent delivered wholesalers. With an outstanding reputation for delivering quality products, value, convenience and exceptional customer service, whilst retaining the personal touch.

With the flexibility of being a family owned business, Thomas Ridley can adapt to market changes and lead the way in working with customers and suppliers to ensure mutually beneficial relationships.

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