Business Image: a new you with HIFU

Published in Suffolk Director Magazine, Winter 2018/19

Business image: a new you with HIFU

How many of us will admit to getting up in the morning, looking in the mirror and wishing there was some way we could turn back time, so we could look 20 years younger?

Business Image: a new you with HIFU 1Well, the answer is at hand with a new painless ultrasound treatment that needs no down time and can give the same fabulous results as a surgical facelift.

HIFU delivers high intensity focused ultrasound energy to the face, jowl and neck areas which promotes the formation of new collagen and lifts and tightens the skin, delivering remarkable results. It works by focusing the energy at three different selected depths below the skin’s surface, causing cellular friction within molecules and precise target-point heating.

One single two-hour treatment is all that’s needed to lift the brow and jaw line and reduce wrinkles and the skin folds that run from your nose to the mouth.

And, a bonus is that the treatment is painless; in fact, it is quite soothing. Some of those experiencing the treatment actually found the slight vibration and warmth that the 3D-HIFU face handpiece gave off very relaxing; so much so they fell asleep! The only slight discomfort comes when working around the jaw line and bony areas of the face.

However, don’t expect to jump from the beauty treatment couch and see the immediate effects.

Results are not instantaneous and the full effect of the HIFU treatment will be seen around 2-3 months later with the results lasting up to 12 months. So, there is no need for those embarrassing conversations with colleagues, friends and family where you need to admit to what you’ve had done. You just return to your usual daily activities straight afterwards.

The area may be a bit pink and tender, but this should settle the same day and you will need to refrain from high impact exercise for a week but that’s it. The only other thing to consider is that if you tighten up the underlying tissue, the skin on top may be slack and need tightening, so some people have regular RF (Radio frequency) treatments too.

However, perhaps the greatest thing about the HIFU treatment, which is being marketed as the ‘new non-surgical facelift’, is the cost. The one-off treatment is £500 for the full face and £650 for the face and neck.  Compare that to the thousands of pounds you could spend on the surgical option, combined with the two weeks recovery time and immense discomfort, it’s a no brainer for those of us that want to turn back time!

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