Office Design: sourcing the right fit-out partner

Published in Suffolk Director Magazine, Winter 2018/19

Office and commercial design: sourcing the right fit-out partner

An easy and effective way to breathe new energy and enthusiasm into your team is to give the working environment a facelift.

’A good idea!’ I hear you say, ‘but when am I going to get the time to do that with all the other things I have on my plate? Well, the answer is to appoint an office fit out partner that will take the hassle off your shoulders, do all the work, and be happy to let you take all the glory when the job is done.

OK? Great, you’re ready to go, but in the words of the 80s film, Ghostbusters, ‘who’re you going to call?’

An office fit out is a major investment and something that you will want to get right first time. it’s important to find a partner that understands your business, who will work with you to maximise your office space within your chosen budget.

So, here are four questions we think you should ask when making your enquiries.

1. What services do I need? An office fit-out generally requires a range of service and expertise and you should expect your office fit out partner to be able to deliver everything from comprehensive plans and layouts and upfront confirmed costs for the job, to all the skills and services required to deliver the project successfully including any planning and building permissions you need. 

2. Do I need a turnkey service? For most, this is the best solution for your office fit out as your selected fit-out partner will undertake the project for you, from first designs to installation and aftercare. This approach allows parallel working of trades, increases the speed and reduces the cost. It also provides the benefit of working with one project manager, rather than lots of trades.

3. Are they knowledgeable and experienced? From knowing the correct building regulations to the latest health and safety laws, a knowledgeable office fit out specialist will save you both time and money. But how do you know if they true to their word? Well, the best people to ask are their previous clients. And if they’re not prepared to give you access to them, then maybe they’re not as good as they say they are.

4. Are they easy to talk to/deal with? You will need to have an ongoing dialogue with whoever you choose for the project, so it’s important that you select someone you feel you can work with. We are not just talking about someone good at ‘selling’, but someone who listens to you and interprets what you are saying correctly.

Of course, you could cut out all the ringing round and come to us at Source One Consulting. We have worked with hundreds of clients nationally, delivering not only high quality, creative and inspiring office interiors, but also practical and cost-effective ones. So, whether you are looking to create a great first impression in your reception, a WOW factor in your boardroom or a happy and creative office space, you can rely on us to deliver.

Pat Lewis is Founder and Chairman at Source One Consulting. E: T: 08456 031 585 or visit

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