Business leaders: Can you help realise students’ career aspirations?

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The New Anglia Enterprise Adviser Network, delivered by New Anglia LEP and the Careers and Enterprise Company (CEC), is calling on senior professionals to take on the voluntary role of Enterprise Adviser for a school in Norfolk and Suffolk.

Businesses and employers have a pivotal role in giving young people the opportunity to explore their career options and succeed in the world of work. They will also help strengthen links between schools and businesses. Key in this is guiding young people to find pathways to achieve their ambitions and aspirations.

The LEP is looking to have at least one Enterprise Adviser for every secondary school in Norfolk and Suffolk by 2020. To date, the network has recruited 67 enterprise advisers and now it needs more volunteers to help achieve the objective.

Doug Field, Chair of New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership, said: “Becoming involved as an Enterprise Adviser is incredibly motivating and rewarding. Together with the school’s career team you will help identify great opportunities for young people to have a taste of what type of careers are out there in their chosen sector.

“The network’s remit expanded with the publication of Government’s Careers Strategy in December last year and more recently with new guidance issued in October. As well as helping link schools and colleges to employers, the network’s team is now also advising schools on delivering high-quality careers support including meeting Gatsby benchmarks. It is taking career planning to the next level.”

Government’s Careers Strategy and its endorsement of the eight Gatsby Benchmarks is a mark of the growing consensus on what good looks like, and how work and education can come together to support young people. Recent research by the Careers and Enterprise Company shows that nationally young people are making progress.

  • 80% of young people have an increased awareness of the different careers – improved employability.

  • 75% have a greater understanding of what they need to do to achieve their ambition – improved personal effectiveness.

  • 70% of young people feel motivated to work hard at school and college – improved career readiness.

If you would like to be an Enterprise Adviser or support careers and enterprise education for a local school, please contact New Anglia Enterprise Advisers Network.

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