Leading Ipswich private and public sector leaders meet and agree on town’s great future

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There was a meeting of minds as the mayor of Ipswich and the chair of Suffolk Chamber of Commerce in Greater Ipswich met for the first time to discuss the future of the town and its surrounding area.

Cllr Sarah Barber extended an invitation to Catherine Johnson to meet in the Mayor’s Parlour and further strengthen the already strong relationship between the Borough and the town’s leading business organisation.

Much of the hour long meeting focussed on their mutual support for Ipswich Vision, the initiative which brings together a range of partners to improve the town to the benefit of residents, businesses and others and to make it more attractive to inward investment.

According to Catherine “Ipswich Vision is a forum with a purpose and Suffolk Chamber in Greater Ipswich is pleased to be able to play a key role in ensuring that the voice of business is given an equal weight to others.

“I also enjoyed meeting Sarah because we found that we shared very similar views on key issues such as the importance of diversity across organisations from top down and the ways in which women’s views and perspectives can really help shape an organisation from the boardroom down.”

“We are both very keen on improving the cycle route offering and quality of the existing routes in the town too (both cyclists).  We plan on meeting again to discuss this further in March.”

Sarah Barber added “it was an excellent opportunity to meet Catherine and to discuss not only business issues and local economic trends but other things relating to Ipswich and its heritage and culture. We also discovered we shared a love of cycling. I was also proud to show her some of the civic treasures on display in the Parlour.”

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