MENTA promotes discounted management diplomas for Suffolk companies

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MENTA has partnered with Lighthouse Training, the Suffolk based leadership, development and management training specialist to offer massively subsidised training for small and medium sized businesses. This government funding is ring fenced for companies who have a salary bill of less than £3M a year and can be used to fund 90% of the cost of new management apprenticeships.

Many experienced managers are put off by the term ‘apprenticeships’ but, these are Institute of Leadership and Management Diplomas. These qualifications are appropriate for all levels within small and medium sized businesses from first line managers to managing directors and are designed to equip people with the skills necessary to grow a business.

“The Level 3 Diploma in Management is designed to equip first line managers with the knowledge, skills and behaviours necessary to successfully manage and develop a team.” Commented Alex Till, chief executive of MENTA, “Understandably, businesses shy away from financially supporting their staff through the training as the usual cost is £5,000 however, with the government funding it costs £500, which makes it much more affordable for company owners to consider.

“It is also a great way to show employees they are valued and will encourage loyalty to the business.”

The funding is only available until June and is being offered on a first-come-first served basis. To find out about the various diplomas available contact Lighthouse Training on 01473 610555 and quote MENTA5.

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