Norfolk Enterprise Festival to bring business community together

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The first Norfolk Enterprise Festival is set to take place tomorrow (Saturday 22 September), providing a forum for entrepreneurs across the county to meet, mingle and celebrate our thriving business community.

Attendees will be able to hear from some of Norfolk’s most successful entrepreneurs at a series of talks, participate in workshops and receive feedback from their peers.

Our county is a hub for individuals with an ambitious, enterprising spirit and is home to over 8,000 fast growing small businesses across a wide variety of industries. However, many find themselves isolated from the wider business community and see their potential limited by a lack of support and communication networks.

This is something the Norfolk Enterprise Festival hopes to change. The brainchild of local businessman Mark Lapping and George Freeman, MP for Mid Norfolk, explains that the festival hopes to drive prosperity and growth for small businesses across the county.

“Norfolk is a powerhouse of high growth small businesses in all sectors, from technology to tourism, gin to genetics, finance to food, creating jobs and innovative products. But the micro and start-up sector needs a stronger voice and all of us in public office or private enterprise need to reach out to show our support. We’ve started this Festival to create a forum for the entrepreneurial community to come together and help make sure its voice is properly heard,” says Mark Lapping. “We believe that the Norfolk Enterprise Festival is the intervention the county needs to take its potential to the next level.”

Chris Starkie, Chief Executive Officer at New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership added, ‘This event will help to turn great ideas into the successful businesses of tomorrow’.

The festival will take place on Saturday, September 22 at Westacre Theatre. Tickets are free but limited, and registration available through the festival’s website

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