45% of Suffolk businesses feel anti-social behaviour is a growing problem

Independent survey reveals 45% of Suffolk businesses feel anti-social behaviour is a growing problem.

94% of respondents agree they all have a role to play in tackling anti-social behaviour issues

Co-op Secure Response, Suffolk Constabulary, Suffolk County Council and Suffolk Chamber of Commerce have teamed up to support businesses affected by anti-social behaviour (ASB), and to give them the tools to be a part of the solution.

The free to attend conference, hosted by Presenter of ITV News Anglia at 6pm Jonathan Wills, will take place at Wherstead Park in Ipswich on Tuesday 29 January 2019, from 8.30am to 2.15pm. Those interested in attending the conference can book online at www.secureresponse.coop/booktoday, or call 0808 231 8196.

A recent independent survey, commissioned by Co-op Secure Response, amongst Suffolk-based businesses found that 45% perceive ASB to be a growing problem in the county. The survey also revealed:

·         More than a quarter (26%) see anti-social behaviour as a ‘very big’ or ‘quite a big’ problem

·         Two fifths (41%) of businesses in Suffolk have experienced ASB in the last year

·         More than a quarter (26%) don’t report ASB

The conference will bring together leading experts to discuss issues of anti-social behaviour affecting local businesses and share practical and cost-effective advice on how to protect property, people and assets.

Speakers include Superintendent Kerry Cutler at Suffolk Constabulary, High Sheriff of Suffolk and CEO of Vestey Foods George Vestey as well as Locality Officer Claire Prosser from Suffolk County Council. Businesses will learn useful tips and advice from Design Out Crime Officer Lucy Mures of Suffolk Constabulary.

Businesses will also hear from innovative projects that are working to reduce ASB, with opportunities for local businesses to play an active role in building safe and thriving communities to both work and live.

Lee Hammond of Co-op Secure Response, will also be introducing attendees to a unique approach to handling anti-social behaviour. Lee said: “Since introducing our own dedicated Anti-Social Behaviour team, we’ve built unique relationships with our local communities, police forces and councils, to tackle the root causes of anti-social behaviour, resulting in a 72% reduction in reports of anti-social behaviour in one community alone.

“It’s encouraging to hear other local businesses agree they also have a role to play. This conference will provide them with the knowledge, advice and support to help protect not only their only business, but also their wider communities.”   

Superintendent Kerry Cutler, said: “We know that anti-social behaviour can blight communities and seriously affect people’s quality of life whether it be in a park, outside your house or in the high street. 

Left unchallenged it can have a detrimental impact on an individual, a family, a business and the whole community. Whilst police have a lead role to play around enforcement, it is important to recognise that it is an issue which can only be successfully tackled with a combined approach working with other partners and local residents to prevent and design out the causes of ASB. This conference provides a unique opportunity to ensure this takes place and provide a great platform to learn more about the issue and how it can be tackled collectively.”

Claire Prosser, Locality Officer in Ipswich at Suffolk County Council said: “I’m looking forward to an exciting event, and meeting partners keen to be involved in developing innovative and collaborative approaches to supporting safer communities.”

John Dugmore, Chief Executive at Suffolk Chamber of Commerce, said: “Anti-social behaviour can be a serious head-wind for businesses, as it costs businesses both directly to clean and clear up as well as increases in premiums alongside deterring footfall and shoppers from retail areas. Therefore Suffolk Chamber is delighted to be involved in this conference as it offers practical self-help ideas that will be of real relevance to our members and the wider business community.”

High Sheriff of Suffolk and CEO of Vestey Foods George Vestey, said: “Businesses in Suffolk are an integral part of their local community and are well placed to use their resources to help communities take ownership of their areas and make them better places to live and work. I am looking forward to learning some of the solutions available for reducing ASB.”

To find out more and to book your free place, visit www.secureresponse.coop/booktoday or call 0808 231 8196.

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