Are You Capable of Playing a Good Round of Golf?

Golfers can come from any background but fall mainly into two camps; engineer or scientist, you’re analytical and process driven, or a musician or artist, you’re creative and freer flowing.

Yet, whatever the background, to be able to play a good round of golf will require skills from both ends of the spectrum.

For the engineer or scientist type of golfer, they’re someone who wants to work out all the parameters. From the wind speed and direction and degree of up or downhill, to measuring the distance from where they are, to any obstacles or the target and how firm or soft the ground may be, it all factors in their selection of the right club.

Once done, the next step is to ensure the correct technical movement of the body. These players will have a consistent routine in setting themselves up to the ball, measuring how far away to stand with exactly the right width between the feet, ensuring the ball is positioned in the right place for the club being used. They will take multiple practice swings to rehearse the movements so that the club can be delivered along the right path and at the right level. Once executed, there will be reflection as to why it may not have produced exactly what had been planned, trying to work out which element had failed in delivering the desired outcome.

This type of golfer has all the clubs organised in their bag in a certain way; headcovers on the relevant clubs; tees, balls, gloves all in their own separate pockets. They even carry sun cream, plasters and insect bite cream in case of any emergency!

For the musician or artist type of golfer, a lot more of what goes into a good shot is about feel and rhythm than anything too technical. These golfers are more likely to see the desired flight of the ball that they require and begin to allow their body to feel how it may have to behave in order to allow the club to produce that result. Any practice swings will be more about sensing the feelings within the movements, feeling at one with the clubhead, understanding the balance required and generating momentum from one side to another. These golfers have been known to turn up and play, only to discover that they have forgotten their putter, tees, balls or glove and have discovered a rotten apple or black banana in their bag from the last time they played.

What is great about golf is that all players can enjoy the challenge of the game. There is no right or wrong way to play well. Part of the joy is finding YOUR way of playing successfully to a level that you are happy with, accepting that each day or round presents totally unique challenges to those you may have faced before.

I’m sure you are CAPABLE of playing the game, however being adaptable will probably be one of the biggest skills you can master!

Stuart Robertson, PGA Golf Professional and Director of Golf at the Doctorgolf Academy, Ufford Park, Woodbridge. T: 01394 383480 or E: Twitter:  @doctorgolf247

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