Investing in Resilience Leadership and Enhancing Professional Capability

Investing in Resilience Leadership and Enhancing Professional Capability

According to the Office for National Statistics, the construction sector on average is the largest contributor to business insolvencies each year in the UK*.

However, a Needham Market-based business is taking steps to ensure it is better placed to adapt and successfully manage any changes that could impact its operations.

Claire Foreman, Business Improvement Manager at Mixbrow Construction has undertaken the CITB-funded, BeResilient leadership course which is aimed at senior executives who have direct responsibility for the resilience of their organisations.

The course shows delegates how to develop a plan for organisational resilience and requires delegates to undertake additional self-guided study. The programme is split into four sections: Keeping Informed and Setting Direction, Organisational Coherence, Developing Adaptive Capability and Strengthen the Organisation.

Claire commented on the reasons for undertaking the course. She explained: “One of the biggest examples of a recent collapse was Carillion, which had big repercussions throughout its supply chain.

“Having worked at Mixbrow Construction for 16 years my role has changed drastically. I’ve become more involved in the management of the company, focusing on business improvement. When the opportunity to be part of the first cohort that undertook training, I jumped at the chance
to attend.

“It’s been a win-win for myself and the company; sharing the knowledge and techniques I have learnt means that we are stronger and better placed to adapt and successfully manage any changes that could impact our operations.

“As Mixbrow continues to build and grow, the knowledge gained on becoming more resilient will strengthen our business, as well as supporting our strategies and processes. Fundamentally, we are reaching beyond risk management towards a more holistic view of business health and success.

“Resilience is an ever-evolving state. An organisation that has incorporated it into its approach, together with a full understanding of its capabilities and the businesses and markets it serves, is better able to take measured risks, anticipate change and move swiftly when opportunities arise.

“At Mixbrow Construction, we know that going forward we must continue to build this resilience, both within ourselves and our supply chain.”

In addition, Claire has recently been inducted as a Construction Ambassador under the GoConstruct scheme. As well as enhancing their own personal development within the industry, the aims of an Ambassador include inspiring young people to take up a career in construction and sharing skills, knowledge and enthusiasm with potential new entrants.

Claire said “As a Construction Ambassador, I attend career fairs and events and visit schools and colleges where I offer an insight into working in construction and raise awareness of the career paths that can be taken. It gives me a lot of satisfaction to promote an industry I find very gratifying and exciting to work in.”

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