Should You Be Delegating Your Health and Fitness?

Should You Be Delegating Your Health and Fitness?
By Ben Gray, Fitness Coach, Suffolk Strength Academy

How capable are you as an electrician, plumber, accountant, lawyer, cleaner, or salesman?

Unless your business is one of these professions, I’m sure you would accept your capabilities are potentially limited, in that it’s unlikely you would defend yourself in a court of law, sort out an electrical problem, or even spend time cleaning your own offices.

Truth is, you are aware that by delegating these problems, they will be carried out to a far higher standard, to a more satisfactory conclusion and ultimately you will save yourself time, energy, and undoubtedly some money in the long run by investing in help, and putting the right people in the right place.

As business owners we are acutely aware of the importance of knowing when to delegate to someone with far greater capabilities than ourselves.

Most of us will even invest in mentors or someone with greater experience than ourselves, to assist us in making decisions and growing our businesses; even though it’s an area where we hold a great deal of competence.

However, within our personal lives we all too often forget about delegation and spend far too much time completing tasks we are at best inefficient at, or at worst, incompetent; wasting time when we could be dedicating it to our hobbies and our family.

And when it comes to our health and fitness, we are no different…

We are either ignoring its decline entirely, hiding behind the fact that we just don’t have the time, putting it off because we don’t really know where to start, or we do the best we can without outside help and simply following what we see and read in the media. It’s unlikely we would trust what we see and read in the media over an industry expert to guide our businesses, so why are people doing it with their health?

What if there was a better way than endless hours of aerobic activity that often leads to issues with the hips, knees, ankles, back, or shoulders? A more time efficient way, that not only helped prevent joint pain, but understood the importance of striking a balance between various elements of fitness, like strength and mobility as well as cardiovascular fitness.

Maybe it’s time to ask yourself how capable you really are as a health and fitness coach?

And if you wouldn’t trust yourself to write, help and design programs for other people to ensure the most efficient way for them to get fit and healthy without injury, why are you looking to design your own?

I’m sure you already entrust people with far greater capabilities than yourself to assist and deliver in areas of your business you’re less proficient in, so maybe it would serve you well, save you time, energy, and frustration to entrust areas of your health and fitness and to experts who can help you get the results you strive for in the most time efficient manner.

Ben Gray is a personal fitness coach and the Founder and Owner of Suffolk Strength Academy. Grab your free 5-day joint prep series which will assist you in reducing current joint pain and help increase movement and mobility throughout your body by visiting T: 07817 804716 E:

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