MD of Global Company, Judy Oliver Visits MENTA

By understanding yourself and how you react in different situations will lead to an improvement in how you communicate with others in work, business and college environments.

Recently Judy Oliver, founder and managing director of Stamford based, Clarity4D visited the offices of MENTA in Bury St Edmunds. Her company provides an affordable personality profiling system suitable for SME’s, micro business owners, charities and the education sector throughout the world. Clients include Hotel Chocolate, Lincoln Police, Monsoon Accessorize and the University of Bedfordshire.

MENTA is a provider of the Clarity4D cost-effective training and personality profiling resource. It is ideal for individuals, businesses and organisations who want to improve communication, motivation and build effective relationships.

Paul Vella of MENTA is an accredited Clarity4D trainer said, “Personality profiling helps people understand their preferred style of communication and to recognise those of colleagues, staff and clients, which may well differ from their own.  The process starts with the completion of a quick online questionnaire. We then send the client a detailed written report which provides a snapshot of how they see themselves at that moment. The profile includes feedback on the person’s strongest areas and hidden potential.”

“As an accredited training partner MENTA are then able to work with the client on a one to one or work team basis, if they wish.  Not only is it incredibly helpful in a business setting but to school and college students also.”

Alex Till, CEO of MENTA commented, “We have been working with Judy and her team at Clarity4D since 2015. Many of our clients have used the personality profiling reports and find it helps them as individuals. For those who have staff, they receive their own personal reports and often have the follow on Clarity4D training. We know the sessions improve morale and helps build a cohesive high achieving team which means more sales and happy, satisfied customers.”

Jonathon Crisp of Henson Crisp Ltd, said, “We are using Clarity4D as part of our organisational development programme as the personality profiling is a key element in helping our people understand their preferred style of communication and recognise the personality and styles of communication of their colleagues and customers. We use Clarity4D as part of our recruitment process to ensure new employees fit in the culture and style of our organisation and will have the same passion and focus as the rest of the team.”

For more details regarding the Clarity4D service from MENTA call them on 01281 760206 or visit and go to the ‘business services’ tab.

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