Winsor Bishop: A jeweller with provenance

Winsor Bishop: A jeweller with provenance

Based on London Street in Norwich since 1834, Winsor Bishop has a long and prestigious history as an independent and family-run jeweller.

Originally established and run as The Pegler Brothers Jewellers, it was acquired by Richard Winsor Bishop in 1893. The business was then renamed and remains Winsor Bishop to this present day.

The building that has been it’s home for the last 185 years oozes history, with the store frontage and jewellery cabinets that sit within holding listings which ensure the rich history of the business is preserved for future generations. In fact, the ambience created by the warm, discreet and welcoming surroundings helps to make a visit to the jeweller an exciting and heart-warming experience.

However, despite the heritage which surrounds Winsor Bishop, it is not sitting still. Since 2001, the business has been owned and run by the Croydon Family, who are sixth generation jewellers.

Taking over from her father, Richard Croydon, when he passed away in 2011, Sophie Fulford is MD and co-owner of Winsor Bishop, sharing the business with her sister, Tanya.

She explained: “it’s important to be united in moving the business forward. Darwin said, “those who evolve to be the best are not the strongest, fittest or fastest, but those who can adapt to change.” If there is one thing that I’m proud of, it’s our ability to show others that change can be good, exciting and a journey that all of us are on together.”

So, Winsor Bishop continues to progress the store to the next level positioning itself to face head-on the world of the modern-day high street.

“Recently, we significantly developed our store interior, services and the brands we stock. 2018 saw our concept ‘Diamond Lounge’ come to life, giving the store a luxury and private area to showcase our wedding and engagement rings alongside our fine diamond collections. We also introduced our Piercing Parlour; an in-store service offering high quality ear piercing alongside bespoke styling advice.”

Renowned for stocking some of the most prestigious Swiss watch brands in the world; Patek Phillippe, Breitling, Omega, Tag Heuer, Tudor and Rolex. Winsor Bishop is now moving onto a new chapter as the flagship Rolex official retailer for Norfolk and as of May, will have a new dedicated in-store suite.

Sophie is excited about the years ahead. “As well as opening the newly renovated Rolex salon, we will continue to innovate in terms of the shopping experience we provide to our customers. We will build on the success of our recent exclusive events such as the private Diamond Masterclass held in our Diamond Lounge. And, with the growth of our after-sales team and the Rolex accreditation for the in-house watchmaker’s workshop currently in development, the future is an exciting one for Winsor Bishop.”

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