Are We all Looking for the Next Opportunity?

By Pat Lewis, Chairman, Source One Consulting

When starting out in business we are all desperately looking for that big idea, the opportunity that will make our dreams come true.

As a successful entrepreneur or director, it is probably also fair to say that you were successful in making the most of the opportunity you found, as we were when launching Source One 17 years ago.

However, the bigger challenge is often continuing to see those big ideas and opportunities and not get overly bogged down in the day to day detail of driving your business forward. We have all faced those moments when we put aside a good idea with the intention of getting back to it later, but do we or does opportunity simply pass us by?

In changing times, it’s important to keep evolving
and grasping at those new opportunities, they keep
your business moving forward, growing and most importantly, relevant.

Opportunities come in many shapes and forms and sometimes you need to take a step back to see the full potential and nowhere is this truer than in people.

Seeing the potential in people

At Source One we pride ourselves on our team and the people we work with and so we were delighted last year to be able to give someone of great potential an opportunity to follow their dreams.

Ash Brock was providing power and data services on a number of our Suffolk commercial office fit outs and refurbishments. Working closely with Lisa, our MD, on many projects it became abundantly clear that Ash was an incredibly hard-working individual, committed and technically brilliant in his trade.

In a business where access and retention of high-quality trades people is so important, we realised that Ash presented us with an opportunity we had not previously considered… investing in his talent to create a new electrical contracting business.

Taking Ash’s expertise and enthusiasm, adding our knowledge in how to create a successful business, supporting it with a flow of business leads… it was a simple idea that so easily could have been ignored.

However, it was an opportunity Ash, with a young family and a dream of running his own business, grasped with both hands and last year LIKE Electrical was born.

Of course, as we all know, having the opportunity is one thing, delivering it is a whole other story. So, we are delighted to say that this electrical and data contracting company has had a stellar first year; quickly establishing a reputation for great work, competitive prices and, happily, making a profit!

Everyone wins

Ok, so I am not claiming that we did this solely for Ash’s benefit; it was a big win for Source One too. By investing in LIKE, we have guaranteed access to a talented individual (and now team) for our projects that will reap benefits for years to come.

For us ‘opportunity’ is about giving our people a chance to shine… it can lead to big new successes, a happy team and a whole new direction.

Are We all Looking for the Next Opportunity? 1

Pat Lewis is Founder and Chairman at Source One Consulting.
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