Don’t Waste your Opportunity

By Nigel Slinn, Commercial Director, Sackers

Waste. It’s not exciting, but it’s a necessary evil we all have to deal with. However, as a business we have even more pressure socially and environmentally.

We all produce it every day in most of the things we do at work and at home. The environmental impact we’re having on the world is all too real and as I write this, the news is about the pressure the Amazon Rainforest is under with an area the size of a football pitch being demolished every minute.

Despite the staggering statistics around climate change and the impact we as humans are having on our planet, there are opportunities for every business to do their bit to reduce their carbon footprint and ensure any waste goes into the lifecycle of recycling. It really isn’t hard to do, and it is something we are able to help you with.

Businesses think they must get their staff to sort waste out at source. This is a myth. We can sort and segregate wastes at our facilities using up to the minute waste sorting technology that will do it all for you. And, with an aim to recycle over 90 percent of what comes in via our commercial waste and skip collections, you can be reassured that if it comes to us and can be recycled, it will be.

So, if you’re trying to get to grips with your recycling at work, then we would suggest the very simple step of implementing a ‘two bags’ system, which is a clear bag for recycling and black bag for general waste.

Many office environments have bins under desks and black bags which are used for ALL waste. We suggest removing bins from under desks and having a recycling bin (clear bag) and general bin (black bag) placed in a communal area.

The clear bags can be used for all dry mixed recycling such as paper, envelopes, files, empty cans, plastic, old literature, empty coffee cups etc. The benefit being that the waste is visible and easily identifiable, eliminating people using it incorrectly.

The black bags should be used for food waste and
food contaminated items such as sandwich cartons, teabags etc.

Each business is different and that is why not one size fits all. We pride ourselves on being solution driven and have experience in working with businesses of all sizes. We’re proficient in dealing with every aspect of waste, so are truly a one-stop shop for all your commercial waste needs.

Access to duty of care documents, comprehensive reports and lifecycles of the waste is all part of our basic offering to customers. And, because we understand that data is important for audit trails, we have a customer portal which provides instant access to your waste statistics.

Another thing we offer is FREE SITE WASTE AUDITS for businesses. Often a win-win, this usually results in saving money and reducing vehicle disruption at the same time.

Sackers offers skip hire, scrap metal buying, hazardous and commercial waste disposal which includes confidential waste.
To find out more contact: T: 01473 830373 E: or visit Twitter @ssackers

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