Winning the Race for Today’s Top Talent

By Beverley Gedge, Operations Director, Compass Point Recruitment

In the race for the best employee talent, companies must look to elevate, enhance and extend their competitive advantage. And streamlined, efficient recruitment processes can provide a competitive advantage that directly impacts on your business performance.

 I have always been passionate about connecting the right people together; not just finding someone to fill your vacancy, but someone that can impact on your business’ long-term success.

In my 20 plus years in recruitment, I have often had to convince clients to reconsider candidates who they might have rejected. These candidates have gone on to have long and successful careers within their organisation and a far-reaching impact on business performance.

Working therefore with the right external recruitment partner can really add value to your business.

To get the best result, a recruitment partner should be an extension of your team and really understand the culture, capabilities and benefits your organisation offers to prospective candidates. By carefully assessing your business requirements and goals, a skilled consultant can help you identify the precise skill set that’s required for the job and ensure a smoother recruiting process.

Good communication with your consultancy should go far beyond helping them to understand what the requirements for the role are. Recruitment professionals that are active in the market and understand your brand and goals, may recommend quality candidates who could support your business, even when you might not be actively looking.

What’s more, keeping in contact with your recruitment consultancy and being open to ad hoc candidates will ultimately give you an edge in the current skills shortage. Sometimes, it’s better to find candidates when they are available rather than when you have a need.

Also, don’t forget, recruiters live and breathe the industry every day so they will be able to advise what works, what doesn’t and if the salary you’re offering is at the correct level for the skills you require.

Time is of the essence

Slow recruitment can be detrimental to the way your company is perceived as an employer. In a competitive marketplace, talented people are well-aware of their value and you need to get the best candidates off the market as soon as possible. Feedback is key and don’t leave it too long before you arrange the next interview. By fast-tracking high potential applicants, you’ll increase the chances of retaining their interest.

Finding a candidate for long term success

A good recruiter can help you to secure your top choice. They can sell your business and get across the reasons why candidates should work for you. They’ll also deal with issues around counter offers from other employers and can assist with negotiations of salary and benefits. And, above all, a good recruiter will work hard to understand the candidate’s career goals and that your role meets them; an important step in retaining talent and driving workplace happiness.

Beverley Gedge is Operations Director at Compass Point Recruitment. If you are looking for a recruitment partner that is passionate about connecting the right people together, then contact Beverley on E: T: 01284 765700 or visit Twitter @CompassPointRec

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