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By James Pepper, Managing Director, BizClik Media

BizClik Media, a 12-year-old company with a start-up mentality, produces content for global businesses through its range of standout products that work across all digital platforms. And, it is only set to grow…

Some of the world’s biggest organisations are undergoing mammoth transformation journeys, which they are keen to share not just with their customers but with fellow industry leaders – and they’re turning to BizClik Media for help.

We are a Norwich-based digital media company that has been in operation since 2007. However, with a new office and a new attitude, we retain a start-up mentality. With just over 50 employees, BizClik deals with organisations hundreds of times its size, who return again and again to avail of its services.

We have built our brand around storytelling. Producing high-level reports on Fortune 500 companies, the business’ content experts work in collaboration with clients to get under the hood of their business and investigate their transformation journeys.

The result? Exclusive, interview-led content for a vast range of B2B digital magazines. In tandem, the company’s websites which range from regional Business Chief sites to industry-specific brands, are constantly updated with all the news leading executives need to know, digested and collated into a one-stop-shop for insight.

Over the past few years the business has experienced rapid growth, with the latest developments including a budding media sales department as well as the development of video content to sit alongside exclusive features. The company is hard at work on its own brand development too – with all the marketing and PR work done for clients, it seemed strange the same efforts weren’t applied from within.

As such, the BizClik brand has been developed with a new corporate website and the business has also pushed social media. Far from an add-on or gimmick, this allows clients, prospective employees and members of the public to delve deep into the world of BizClik and get to know the faces behind the brands through video interviews, vlogs and articles.

Aside from the spacious, modern offices and new faces – notably a new HR Director, Creative Directors and Digital Marketing Director – by far the biggest change at BizClik in recent years has been the products themselves. While a digital magazine in PDF format can run the risk of looking outdated, BizClik manages to blend the best of both worlds in editorial and website design. The slick design on the magazines is professional and consistent across each of our platforms. Each and every report is thoughtfully designed to reflect the client company’s branding, including typography, relevant imagery and a suitable colour palette.

Alongside coverage in a magazine read by all the right people, we are offering clients publicity ‘with a twist’: their article comes fully written up and designed not only in the magazine, but as a standalone brochure including information on their important partners. Organisations from Santander and Dell to Marriott and Pizza Hut enjoy a smooth process from interview right through to editorial content, design, and social media marketing.

The exponential rise in quality at BizClik is no coincidence – it’s a result of a drive to put the right people in place, rehaul the culture of the whole organisation, and create a media company that is much more than the sum of its parts. In previous years, business development, editorial and design have been somewhat siloed, but we have taken advice from some of the businesses we interview to promote collaboration, innovation and a full understanding of the challenges facing every aspect of the company.

Although culture shift is always an ongoing transformation, new staff at BizClik are given a thorough grounding of how everything works together to create the products we are proud of and a service clients love. In a world where jobs in journalism are harder and harder to come by, graduates and experienced journalists alike enjoy the chance to interview C-level executives and take true ownership of a much-loved publication.

So far this year our staff have travelled to Germany (thrice), Toronto, Singapore, Belgium, France and the US. Staff also enjoy plenty of opportunities for internal promotion within a growing business, and many have commented on how training has improved as BizClik is keen to retain those with not just the right talent, but a great attitude.

We also offer apprenticeships for social media, video and editorial as well as work experience, keen to give back to the community within which we have been based for 12 years. As a key part of this ethos, the company has also organised successful charity fundraisers such as 5-a-side football events.

While not resting on our laurels, we have been careful to grow at our own pace, selecting key flagship brands for investment. Among these are newly-launched FinTech Magazine, a brand that reflects the rise of financial technology in the UK and globally; Supply Chain Digital, one of BizClik’s oldest brands which has remained at the forefront of the evolving supply chain space as the role of Chief Procurement Officer gains ever more of a seat at the executive table; and Gigabit, the company’s technology brand which has showcased the digital transformations of leaders in every industry over the course of just three years.

With a strong team at the fore, the company has worked hard over the past two years to build a stable platform for growth.

Now is the time for digital publishing, and a company like BizClik offers a service that is still very much in demand, with clients like Marsh, AXA and Coca-Cola coming back again and again to select BizClik as their partner of choice.

A key part of the company’s journey going forward, is that the organisation will continue to look in the mirror and evaluate what it does, embracing change and feedback to build an even stronger range of products and an even more enthusiastic team.

James Pepper is Managing Director at BizClik Media E: info@bizclikmedia.com
Visit bizclikmedia.com Twitter @BizClikMedia FB & Instagram BizClik Media

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