7 ingredients to the ideal IT service

By Owen Williams, West View IT
If I have learnt anything in the last 14 years, it's that IT support has traditionally been the insurance policy of the technology user and to know you have someone there to help when things go wrong has always been the way businesses work.

Published in Suffolk Director Magazine, Autumn 2021

Managed IT Services: West View IT

However, with the speed at which technology has, and is, developing, it’s not enough anymore and it isn’t unreasonable to expect that your technology should work, all the time!

Yet, it’s not just about whether it works, there are now things that you should always make sure you do. These not only include the basics of best practice, backups, and precautions, but also the innovative areas of using IT tools to help run your business, improve efficiency and productivity, as well as safeguarding your organisation and staff.  

Making changes to your IT setup needs planning, preparation, and forethought and this all falls under the NEW type of service, Proactive IT Support.

I am very proud that West View ITs managed IT service is far more than just IT support. It is based on areas of expertise, which when combined makes the ultimate IT support solution for businesses with five or more users.

When it comes to IT support our seven areas that set us apart are:


Reviewing what you have, what you want and what you need and then creating a roadmap.


Performing the boring but essential IT maintenance tasks silently in the background, with no interruption to your day to day work.


Keeping a very close eye on every aspect of your IT Services to look out for the smallest clues of an issue before you are aware of it.


Predicting and protecting issues from arising. Any fixing of an issue for one customer, we then roll out to all our customers


Listening to your staff, we look at how you work and offer hints, tips, ideas, processes, and in some cases completely automated steps! We can also easily predict future IT needs, providing an easy way to scale IT up as your business grows.


We look after your staff and are on hand to answer any IT questions. You can relax knowing you have someone to call (even though you won’t need to).


Works with PlanIT to make sure you are ready for anything, whether it is attack, disaster or even home-based working due to a global pandemic!

Owen Williams is the Founder and MD of West View IT.
For more information contact:
T: 01449 798119
E: owen@westviewit.co.uk or visit westviewit.co.uk

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