A collective force for business success

By Juliet Price, Park City Consulting.

Teamwork plays a crucial role in shaping an organisation's continued success.

Published in UK Director Magazines Spring 24

Workplace Culture:
Juliet Price, Park City Consulting

As the managing director of Park City Consulting, I am committed to creating a workplace culture where collaboration is not just encouraged but ingrained in our business and the work we do – woven into the core of our HR, health and safety, and training service delivery.

Invest in People Skills

Increasingly, Chartered Management Institute (CMI) training is the preferred investment choice to improve competencies, equipping managers with the people skills that allow them to manage the health and safety behaviour of their teams.

As a CMI centre, we offer customised courses that meet the evolving needs of your business. Our programs focus on supporting employees in their professional growth, offering training that not only improves individual skills but also highlights the importance of working together as a team in different situations.

Lead the Way

Building a culture of collaboration does not happen suddenly, it comes from the top, with a robust leadership team and a strong organisational spirit. Managers play a pivotal role in creating an environment where this way of working is not merely suggested but actively celebrated. This is the approach we are enthusiastic about, and we take pride in having assisted our clients in their commitment to invest in their teams, improving their business results whilst focusing on individuals fulfilling their potential and aspirations.

A Unified Approach

Alongside this training service, our specialist business partners in HR are dedicated to establishing connections between management and employees, guaranteeing smooth communication. Whether it’s talent acquisition or employee engagement, teamwork remains essential for a well-rounded approach to human resource management.

These principles of communication and collaboration also extend into our health and safety services. Our business partners acknowledge the significance of ensuring a consistent and unified approach to establish a secure and safe workplace. Here, teamwork extends beyond mere compliance; it embodies a collective dedication to nurturing a safety-centric culture.

Stronger Together

We all know that teamwork underpins excellent results, and our commitment to this valuable tool is evident in how we support and service our clients. Our goal is not just to improve individual performance but to build a collective force propelling our clients toward greater success. 

Never alone, stronger together!

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Juliet Price is Managing Director at Park City Consulting. Accelerate Your managers’ potential – visit our website to discover upcoming training. https://parkcity.co.uk/training/training-dates/

T: 01206 752100
E: juliet.price@parkcity.co.uk
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