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By Carole Burman, MAD-HR
In a year of such unprecedented business disruption, the function of HR has become more critical than ever for so many firms.

Published in Suffolk Director Magazine, Autumn 2021

Human Resources: MAD-HR

Whether employers have needed to learn the concept of furlough from scratch, have had to instigate redundancy procedures for the first time, or have needed to recruit like crazy in an uncertain climate – it’s certainly been a time of great challenge.

HR help for small businesses

For those with a well-established HR department, that’s been tough enough, but what about those owner managers who’ve needed to learn on the fly, or entrepreneurs who hadn’t previously considered themselves large enough to warrant HR?

Those without the guiding hand of in-house HR direction in the early unsettling weeks of lockdown, will no doubt have felt the impact.  We observed that pre-pandemic, many business owners might have felt they weren’t of the scale to need any dedicated HR input or didn’t see themselves facing the kind of day-to-day issues which would require an HR professional.

However, that all began to change in March 2020, and employers realised that where they didn’t have in-house resource, they either needed a specialist external advisor to guide them, or, if possible, an ever-evolving manual – or ‘guide’ – they could pull off the shelf to keep them informed, alert and compliant.

It’s that latter option which has chimed perfectly with many of our clients who already benefit from our unique toolkit product, which was launched back in 2015 and was updated with a new platform in April 2020.

What is the HR Toolkit?

The beauty of our toolkit is that it’s an accessible library of more than 1000 templates, contracts, procedures, legislation updates, letters and more.

It’s as close as you can get to being a comprehensive off the shelf guide to HR including all of the documentation that you’re ever likely to need.  Plus, it’s continually updated by our team in light of any legal changes.

The toolkit had already proved popular pre-pandemic, providing the ideal solution to meet HR compliance requirements for new and growing businesses throughout the UK.

Since lockdown, however, registrations saw an uplift of 50% on last year, with employers eager to be kept well informed throughout the pandemic journey.

The toolkit has always made a great deal of sense for those who want to be up to speed on HR issues. When the pandemic arrived, it simply reinforced that, and we’ve been delighted to welcome so many new clients in enabling them to benefit from our expertise.

Our clients tell us that they value the fact it’s charged as a low fee and that they get access to an optional legal helpline.  If they need a hand on site or remotely, then they have our friendly and experienced team to support them and that they’re always notified of updates, keeping them one step ahead of the game.

In a world where business has been so uncertain for so many, it’s a very obvious solution which enables any business leader to guide their own path, but with expert support at hand.

Carole Burman is the Founder and Managing Director at MAD-HR. For more information about the MAD-HR toolkit, please contact the MAD-HR team on: T. 01473 360160
E. hello@mad-hr.co.uk or visit mad-hr.co.uk/toolkit

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