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SAW Media is the publishing house for all our business magazines, which all have one very simple aim, to help you run your business better.

With a passion and ethos born out of our own experience of running and managing a business and an understanding of how lonely and challenging it can be sometimes, we want to provide content that will inspire and motivate our readers as well as being useful and informative.

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At the heart of what we do is the free printed copy of the business magazine, which is posted out to business leaders, owners, entrepreneurs, directors and partners of SMEs based in the counties we cover. 

Our free business magazine titles are printed quarterly and contain articles covering a range of topics from finance and technology, HR and recruitment, to marketing and social media. Why not take a look at all our publications by clicking on MAGAZINES at the top of the page.

Our style of language avoids the jargon and acronyms and ensures our articles are presented in a concise and easy to read format.

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The one thing we all have in common…

…is that we are working hard to develop our businesses and facilitate the growth and prosperity of our local economy.

So, we focus on taking the global and national business issues and latest news, presenting them so they reflect the views and the ways companies and organisations work at a local and regional level.

Whether it’s the inspiring interviews with real business leaders telling us their personal story, or experts in their field sharing tips and advice on what to do, or where to find more help if you need it, the whole point of the magazine and this website is that after reading the content, you will be able to sit back and say “that was worthwhile and I’ve learned something!”


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