Action-oriented free business club enables leaders to share experience

By Nick Lindsay, a Pendleton Global Partner
Today, many SME businesses look to the future with increasing uncertainty. There are significant global challenges, and the UK economy is struggling.
Published in Suffolk Director magazine, Summer|Autumn 2022
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Networking: The East Anglian Business Growth Club

Whatever your challenge, it’s clear no single person possesses all the answers. However, talking to others can be surprisingly rewarding. For instance, I recently met with a restauranteur and after hearing about his challenges, I was able to introduce him to someone with a solution. It cost nothing, we did the introduction over a drink, and everybody was happy. No selling, no boring presentation, and no waffle!

Following a discussion with my Pendleton colleague, Dennis Embleton, we agreed this approach to networking could really work for SMEs, prompting our creation of ‘The East Anglian Business Growth Club’. And our first event will take place on Thursday 30th June at Steak Lobster & Co in Felixstowe between 4pm and 6pm. 

Who is it aimed at?

If you are a business owner, entrepreneur, or part of a senior leadership team, and prepared to chat with like-minded individuals, to build contacts across a range of industries and services, then this is the right club for you.

Why would it benefit me?

Seeking out and taking advice doesn’t come naturally to many business owners; after all, if you are successful, what could anyone possibly do to add any value to your business, right? As a result, the answers often arrive too late… We want to provide an environment where business owners and leaders feel comfortable, where uncertainties melt away, and it generates confidence to open up.

What makes this club different to other networking groups?

It costs nothing to join, or to benefit from attending our get togethers. Events are held across the region monthly; we will even buy your first drink! It’s a great way to meet new people, create relationships, share experience and knowledge, and to chat with other business leaders from a myriad of different industry sectors.

What’s the format?

There is no format and certainly no dull presentations to endure. Just turn up and enjoy networking in a relaxing, convivial, no pressure, no selling, social environment.

What’s the catch? There always has to be a catch, doesn’t there?

Just one. Be prepared to lower your barriers. Be open to chatting and sharing your experiences, and frustrations, with other business leaders. Oh, and you need to bring a sense of humour, we want our events to be full of laughter.

Who are Dennis Embleton and Nick Lindsay?

We are independent business consultants and licenced Pendleton Global Partners, bringing a wealth of experience in owning and running businesses, as well as working for, and with, large corporates.

Dennis lives in Aldeburgh, has successfully built several businesses, and has enviable sales and brand development expertise. A serial entrepreneur, he is an expert in overseas sourcing and getting product to market.

I live in Felixstowe, and have provided logistics consultancy services in the UK, Europe and Asia for the last 12 years. I successfully transformed several companies in Europe, as well as assisting a UK plc to prepare a divestment, and leading on design and procurement projects for several multinationals.

How do I join the East Anglian Business Growth Club?

Simply visit the website at and sign up! We will be in touch to let you know details of when the club is meeting and where. 

Main photo taken by Alan Boyle and shows Nick Lindsay and Dennis Embleton 

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