Norwich-based Cyber Security Consultancy, CyberScale, has launched its One Day Cyber Assessment service to help strengthen resilience for small and micro businesses who have become prime targets for cybercriminals.

According to the Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2022, 38% of small businesses in the UK fell victim to an attack in 2022, and around four in five (82%) of boards or senior management rated cyber security as a ‘very high’ or ‘fairly high’ priority. Despite this, only 19% of businesses have a formal incident response plan and only 6% have the Cyber Essentials certification to understand what risks they face.

The One Day Cyber Assessment prioritises attack prevention by identifying gaps in security measures and offering expert advice on how to keep company and customer data secure. The tailored evaluations explore every aspect of a business across technology, people and processes. This includes network, email, laptops and mobile devices alongside staff and management awareness of the risks associated with business practices such as remote working.

Specialist consultants identify areas of potential risk and recommend remediation to reduce vulnerabilities, signposting free or low-cost resources that help improve cybersecurity measure. At the end of the assessment, they provide clear actionable reports to help business owners make improvements to their security controls and understand specific legal or regulatory requirements and any security frameworks relevant to their clients.

Darren Chapman, Founder and Principal Consultant at CyberScale said: “We identified a need to support those businesses who have no dedicated security resources and want to learn more about the risks they face. Our One Day Cyber Assessment will empower small business owners to make informed decisions about best security practices and help them gain a competitive advantage. Raising awareness among smaller businesses about the potential threats they face not only benefits them directly, but also the UK’s overall cybersecurity posture.”

The One Day Assessment is available at a price point suitable for smaller businesses. For more information visit

Image: Darren Chapman, Founder and Principal Consultant at CyberScale

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