An Impressive Suffolk Voice at National Business Conference

“This was a great opportunity to project the county’s in-depth business expertise and leadership onto a national platform – one we fully took with both hands”.
John Dugmore, Suffolk Chamber’s chief executive, was speaking after last week’s annual conference of the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC).
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This was the largest delegation of local businesses for some time, with Suffolk spokespeople very to the fore during key speeches and debates.

Rt. Hon Matt Hancock MP, the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care and the MP for West Suffolk gave a keynote speech about the role of business in minimising the impact of the coronavirus epidemic.

“The people present in the hall were really impressed by how much Matt understood the challenges of running a business at any time, leave alone the present one. They said he came across as very well-informed” explained Sarah Howard MBE, chair of the BCC.

Sarah, the immediate past president of Suffolk Chamber, gave delegates an update on the first five months in her role, which included the support she gives to the 53-strong network of chambers across the country.

Suffolk Chamber members, John Mayhew of Fiscale Ltd. and chair of Suffolk Chamber in Haverhill & District and Matthew Darroch-Thompson of Mole Projects were interviewed by Radio Five Live. Matthew was also shown BBC News asking a question of Matt Hancock about coronavirus.

In addition, the Suffolk delegation used the opportunity to show the pioneering work being carried out in the county in the area of workplace health and wellbeing by distributing copies of the Building a Resilient County toolkit, which drew a lot of interest from other chambers.

“In short, I think we bossed it for Suffolk PLC. No-one present would be under any doubts to the dynamic and progressive nature of our business community” added John Dugmore.

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