Are couriers causing you frustration?

By Martin Hagger, London-East Transport Services

Are you one of the thousands of small businesses relying on UK postal services and couriers? Then London-East Transport Services may be able to help.

Published in Essex Director Magazine Winter2023
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Logistics: London-East Transport Services

We specialise in supporting SMEs who need a reliable courier and who want the comfort of knowing that help is available from a REAL person if they need it. And, as part of the InXpress network, we’re able to leverage greater buying power, ensuring the best rates for smaller businesses who choose us as their courier management team.

So how exactly can we make things easier?

First of all, you can forget the daily run to the Post Office or local courier collection site. You can organise collections and keep an eye on your items until they are delivered, but we are on hand to help if needed. As a SME ourselves, we champion and empathise with those businesses who sit in the middle between micro and massive.

We understand the need to keep costs down: Co-ordinating shipping can be incredibly difficult – from drivers to warehousing procedures, unpacking timings and collection deadlines – if you are unsure at all, the best and most cost effective route is to work with a team that adds value to your operations; one that you can use when you need and who treats you as a customer, not just a number.

We understand…

…you probably have a mixed ad-hoc need for support: Not all items you send are probably the same standard size and weight– one day it might be a machine, the next it might be a spare part – but you can be confident that our services are geared to accommodate your varying needs.

…that if you’re using a system infrequently, you may question if you are using it to your best advantage: If you’re worried about booking correctly, we are available by phone or email to help you when you need us. We love spending time getting to know our customers, and it’s often that relationship that makes all the difference.

…that details count: Addresses are particularly important; if they aren’t  input directly or accurately into a booking portal, then you could find your packages are left in a holding space which may rack up unplanned costs. Using our knowledge and experience, we can help if this happens.

We can be a great solution for you.

We are a local courier management team offering same and next day collections of parcels, packets and pallets. Other services include import and export management, full end-to-end support, insurance, as well as planning and consultancy to make sure you get the right deal at the right price; all under one invoice.

If you like to book online, to pick and choose who you ship with to get the best deal, then use our market-leading web portal WebShip+. If you prefer to chat, then book a call with the team and learn more about how quick and easy it is to work with us; the better we know your business, the better we can help.

Are couriers causing you frustration? 1


Martin Hagger is Director at London-East Transport Services, part of the InXpress network.
To book a demo or discuss your needs of the online portal, give us a call.

T: 0203 600 6006

or visit

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