Are you growth-ready?

By Charlotte Bate, MAD-HR

Are you familiar with the line from the movie Field of Dreams – ‘Build it and they (he) will come’? It’s a phrase which speaks of creating something with purpose and generating a level of interest and audience which guarantees success.

Published in Essex Director Magazine Summer | Autumn 2023

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However, as any business leader will tell you, that alone is not the recipe for success. Constructing something – even something which fulfils a need or gap – must be aligned to a strategy which allows for change, and increasingly to publicly declared values.

It’s all about your people

If your future plans are all about growth, it’s inevitable that at the forefront of that will be how you ‘grow your people’. Recruiting more people for the sake of headcount and retaining and perhaps redeploying or upskilling those you have, relies on first being assured you have the right ‘employer brand’ for the growth you envisage.

The HR function is front and centre of a business brand (or certainly should be). Some challenging questions may need answering around how you are perceived and how easy it is to find out more about you; it can feel like there’s a significant amount of ‘underpinning’ work to be done before you get stuck into your ultimate activity – of growing your organisational capacity and capability. Nevertheless, an emphasis on employer brand is always worthwhile. It is as vital as the groundwork when building a house.

So, where do you start?

Well, MAD-HR works with many businesses in achieving this and these are the points we suggest focusing on:

  • Be clear about setting your mission and values. Don’t be surprised if employees specifically ask questions on these at interview, including issues around sustainability and diversity.
  • Understand how your business is perceived in the marketplace. What do your peer businesses consider to be your core activity? Where do they think you sit in your sector? Who do they see you as competing with or selling to?
  • Assess how existing employees perceive your brand. Do they share a similar view and ‘elevator pitch’ for articulating what your business does?
  • What is the current and ideal recruitment journey for the kind of staff you want to onboard? Where will they hear about you? How will you manage interviews and feedback? What does day one of ‘work life’ look like in your organisation?
  • How is the brand’s tone of voice on a daily basis? Do you do this actively through social media? How about internally?

These things can make or break the potential to grow well and grow wisely. Don’t underestimate this early-stage emphasis. You will undoubtedly reap the rewards.

Above all else, remember your ultimate goal is to achieve great things, with great people, from a great footing.

The HR Capability Scorecard can be accessed by clicking this link or scanning the QR code below.

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Charlotte Bate is a Director at MAD-HR.  If you’ve been inspired by what you’ve read, use the QR code to access the MAD-HR scorecard, which helps to identify your readiness for growth.

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