Building a culture of excellence

By Charlotte Bate, MAD-HR.

Success in business is the result of many well-applied ingredients, which combine to result in consistent delivery, responsive clients, and, ultimately, a positive profit outcome.

Published in UK Director Magazines Spring 24

Human Resources:
Charlotte Bate, MAD-HR

Research tells us that there’s one thing which really sets apart those businesses which thrive – an effective team! The organisations which have learned to foster a true culture of teamwork and shared vision are inevitably going to be those which achieve more and sustain the course.

At MAD-HR we see, through our clients, what a difference the commitment to ‘team’ makes, and, indeed, where the absence of such a culture can prove to be a challenge or a destructive downfall for commercial intentions.

If you’ve entered 2024 with a determined desire to explore ways to build a culture of excellence, start with this list of key considerations…

Make your culture your competitive advantage:

What sets you apart is often what creates your success. That doesn’t just mean having a diverse product or service. Ultimately, products and services can be, and are, replicated. What cannot be replicated is your business’s culture.

It is far more important to have the kind of team culture which stands head and shoulders above your peers. Clients will be drawn to work with a company which shows authenticity, shared values, and a dedication to continually listen, learn and evolve.

Hold people to account:

At the bedrock of any great team must be accountability. Whether you’re the most junior player in a company, or the most senior director, showing that you are continually accountable for your actions and behaviours is a perfect approach for creating trust, commitment and a sense of robust fairness throughout your team.

Build a sense of community from within:

Collaboration and inclusion help employees to feel their voice is heard and that their contribution counts. As a result, staff feel more empowered, energetic and able to be innovative in their thinking. This ‘Community Within’ work can be harder to develop where teams work in a hybrid fashion, so every effort must be placed on continual, effective and meaningful communication and feedback.

Share knowledge and growth intentions:

Being a director or leader with your own privileged understanding of growth and scalability is fine. But unless you share that growth intention, and its subsequent journey, you’re not giving your staff the chance to pull together as a team and to see the road they’ll need to navigate alongside you in order to claim the victory as a collective. You can’t get there on your own.

Celebrate difference within your team:

No workforce is made up of same-skill individuals or replica personalities. Look at the team within your organisation and explore their strengths as well as their opportunities for development. Be focused on what they can bring to the ‘together team’.

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Charlotte Bate is a Director at MAD-HR. If you want to look more at how your own business could do more to foster a culture of excellence, through the evaluation of your ‘Team-First’ attitude, please get in touch.

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