Building an outstanding workplace culture

By Steve Revill, Rickard Luckin
I am thrilled that Rickard Luckin has gained recognition from Best Companies for its commitment to employee engagement and developing an 'outstanding' workplace culture, by achieving a highly sought-after 2-star accreditation rating.
Published in Essex Director Magazine Summer | Autumn 2023

Employee Engagement: Rickard Luckin

Our journey towards building this has been deliberate and strategic. It is testament to the Leadership Team’s ongoing commitment to developing a positive and engaging work environment where we can attract and retain top talent, enhance the employee experience and create an environment where our team members can thrive.

We’ve introduced and invested heavily in several initiatives. These include a wellbeing programme, a major refurbishment of all work spaces to accommodate agile working, and we have also given every team member a company laptop and mobile phone – helping them to better manage the work life balance.

Ranked as second best accountancy firm in the UK

The Q2 results ranked Rickard Luckin as the 2nd Best Accountancy Firm in the UK and the 15th Best Company in the East of England. We have also made remarkable progress in the national league table ranking, achieving 16th Best Medium-Sized Company to work for in the UK, up from 76th in Q2 2022.

The response from our team members has been overwhelmingly positive, and we take immense pride in their feedback. The completion of the ‘b-heard’ engagement survey by nearly 90% of the team demonstrates that colleagues across the firm know that their feedback will be listened to and, crucially, acted upon.

We have worked hard to cultivate a unique and exceptional culture across our offices in Basildon, Chelmsford, and Southend-on-Sea, all while staying true to our core values of being Passionate, Personal, and Professional. These values form the foundation of our workplace culture, and we remain dedicated to creating an environment where our team members feel valued, supported, and inspired to excel in their careers.

A long term commitment

However, our commitment to enhancing employee experience extends beyond mere recognition. It is a long-term commitment that drives our actions and shapes our future. We continue to invest in initiatives aimed at improving further, with the aim of becoming the ‘employer of choice’ for individuals seeking to embark on, or advance their careers, in a progressive and forward-looking firm of accountants and tax advisers.

The recognition received from Best Companies, not only underscores our dedication to our team members, but also serves as a powerful endorsement for clients and prospects. Our outstanding workplace culture, coupled with our unwavering commitment to employee engagement, positions us as a trusted and forward-thinking partner for all their accounting and tax advisory needs.

Moving forward, we remain committed to nurturing this culture to drive forward our success. We will continue to prioritise the employee experience, embracing innovation and maintaining our core values, to create a workplace that stands out – both across the region and the industry.

Our 2026 goal is to achieve 3-star, ‘world-class’ levels of employee engagement; this milestone brings us one step closer to realising that ambition.

Building an outstanding workplace culture 1

Steve Revill is Managing Director at Rickard Luckin

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