Can you Co.nnect With ‘Em All?

By Emma Harrowing, Norfolk Chambers of Commerce

Think Pokémon cards crossed with Top Trumps and you have a set of business trading cards that you can co.nnect with to do better business.

Published in Norfolk Director Magazine, Summer 2021

Connecting Business: Norfolk Chambers of Commerce

Norfolk Chambers of Commerce aims to build a connection with their members and the wider Norfolk business community, and it has launched a ‘Meet The Team’ campaign showing the many ways it can provide bespoke business support.

Over the past year, while many Norfolk businesses have been challenged by the pandemic and Brexit, the Norfolk Chambers team has been busy behind the scenes making sure their members and the wider business community has access to a wealth of business support. This has included providing help and assistance with legal and HR advice, promotion, virtual events, networking opportunities, export documentation and much more. And now the time has come for the team to be propelled into the spotlight.

Secret Superheroes

The campaign launched initially with seven of the Membership Team. Each individual has a unique trading card with a secret ‘superhero’ moniker highlighting the secret key skills they can offer. It also invites Norfolk businesses to ‘Co.nnect With ‘Em All’, so they can gain access to a team of people who together can help your business grow.

The first tranche included: Lizzy Dring, Business Development Manager (AKA. ‘The Motivator’), Kalene Herrington, Events Manager (AKA ‘The Producer’), Haze Carver, Digital Account Manager (AKA ‘The Zinger’), Account Managers, Andrea Wilson (AKA ‘The Co.nnector) and Kirsty Jonas (AKA ‘The Architect’), Dale Carver, Customer Support (AKA ‘The Supporter), and myself as Marketing and Communications Manager (AKA ‘The Promoter).

More cards to Co.nnect with were released at the end of May, when the International Team at Norfolk Chambers had their alter-egos revealed. Julie Austin, International Trade Quality Manager, (AKA ‘The Oracle’), David Cowan, International Declaration Manager, (AKA ‘The Advocator’), Adrian Cockburn, Customs Declaration Officer (AKA ‘The Declarant’) and Sam Martin, International Trade Apprentice, (AKA ‘The Prodigy’) showcases the combined skills of the team helping businesses do better business in Europe and world-wide.

The final four cards: Project Co-ordinator Charlotte Upcraft (AKA ‘The Fixer’), Chief Finance Officer Paul Vincent (AKA ‘Mr Finance’), Chief Operating Officer Nova Fairbank (AKA ‘The Guru’) and Chief Executive Officer Chris Sargisson (AKA ‘The Disruptor) were released at the beginning of June, and more will be launched soon!

Helping to make things happen

All 15 cards show how Norfolk Chambers can help make things happen for businesses like yours. If you need bespoke support for your business, they can provide membership that can be as individual as you are. If you need to increase your customer base, they can connect you to like-minded businesses. If you need to shout about a project or product you have launched, they can amplify your message. If you need exporting advice, they can help you trade globally. And, if you know what you want to do, but don’t know where to start, they can support you by helping you make collaborations with other businesses.

Each of the team at Norfolk Chambers has a different skill, but when we co.llaborate, we are a unique force for your business.

Therefore, we can say with confidence: “What you need, is what we do, so, Can You Co.nnect With ‘Em All?

Emma Harrowing is Marketing and Communications Manager at Norfolk Chambers of Commerce. Find out more about how the team can help your business at

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