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Lessons I have learnt

Lessons I have learnt: Eric Benton

Chartered Engineer and Director, Johns Slater and Haward
I am a Chartered Engineer and Director of long-established (1947) building services consultants, Johns Slater and Haward (JSH), who specialise in energy use/utilisation and the design of mechanical and electrical installations in buildings.

Published in Essex Director Magazine Summer | Autumn 2023

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Lessons I have learnt

Lessons I have Learnt: Jonathan Perlmutter

Equity Partner & Head of Intellectual Property, Birkett Long LLP
As a full-service law firm, we deal with most of the areas you would expect including family, probate and property. My team gives commercial legal advice, particularly in the fields of patents and trademarks. Innovation is at the heart of all of our work – we want to help the eco-system of innovation grow in East Anglia, enhancing wealth and prosperity in the region.
Published in Essex Director Magazine Spring | Summer 2023

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