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Suffolk issue articles

Spotlight on Tom Wright

Owner and Sales Director, Hudson Group

Tom grew up in Ipswich and left school with limited qualifications, although he did get an ‘A’ in Drama. He enjoyed the social element of school and couldn’t wait for the PE lessons, as he played for all the school teams; something which he loved being part of.
Published in Suffolk Director magazine, Spring | Summer 2022

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Spotlight on Jonathan Reed

Managing Director, Paddy & Scott’s Coffee

Back in 2017, Jonathan Reed found himself on the corporate treadmill, commuting in and out of London, travelling for six hours each day. He was working in tech and openly admits he was not prioritising his health.

Published on Suffolk Director magazine, Winter 2021|22

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Suffolk issue articles

Spotlight on Melanie Fielden

Founder and Owner, Pioneer Chicks. Born a Kentish Maid, it wasn’t long before Melanie Fielden’s family moved to Suffolk where she was raised. she now lives with her husband Adam, a primary school teacher. Published in Suffolk Director Magazine, Winter/Spring 2020

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