Celebrating 30 years of help and empowerment

For nearly three decades, The Magdalene Group has quietly supported the most vulnerable and hidden women and girls; those affected by the darkest facets of society.
Published in UK Director Magazines Summer 2024

The Magdalene Group

Founded by two visionary female magistrates – affectionately known as “the two Doreens” – The Magdalene Group has evolved to address the ever-changing landscape of gender-based violence. It is committed to making a tangible difference by providing dedicated support, advocacy, and services to the women and girls who have endured these traumas – victims of abuse, sexual violence, exploitation, coercion, homelessness, and trafficking.

Help and empowerment

Our approach is rooted in trauma-informed care, recognising the complex intersectional identities of the women and girls we support. Through our projects, we provide tailored assistance that addresses not just the symptoms, but the root causes of exploitation and abuse.

  • Doorway Women’s Services: Supporting over 100 women each year by providing intensive one-on-one sessions addressing complex issues. Exploited women often enter precarious housing situations such as sofa surfing, or ‘transactional/exploitative’ relationships just to have a roof over their heads. From these hidden homeless women to those who experience street homelessness, addiction, debt, mental ill health, stigma, and isolation, we provide a safe space and build trusted relationships to help them move forward.
  • Rose Project: Supporting more than 40 young people each year. Dedicated to preventing child sexual exploitation and providing essential support to affected young people. Working with Children’s Services to offer specialist trauma-informed interventions to equip young people with the tools to recognise exploitation and avoid unhealthy relationships.
  • Jigsaw Education and Training Programs: Empowering the next generation through early intervention and education. Our CPD accredited training equips professionals and young people with the skills and knowledge to safeguard vulnerable children and young people, and address issues of peer abuse, online safety, consent, and healthy relationships.

Anniversary events

As we reflect on our 30th anniversary and the journey to date, we celebrate our achievements and yet recognise that our work is far from over. Acknowledging this milestone, The Magdalene Group is undertaking two high profile events this year…

The Women’s Midnight Strut: This sponsored event, on June 19, symbolises the collective walk towards a future free from fear, intimidation, and exploitation. It is also a call to action for individuals, communities, survivors, bystanders, and supporters to join us and walk to prioritise the eradication of violence against women and girls.

The Pearly Ball: We would love the community to join us at The Pearly Ball on October 18, as we celebrate our achievements – providing support and safety, and breaking the cycle of sexual violence, exploitation, and abuse. For more information about the Pearly Ball, please contact Angela Brett on 01603 672777, or email angela.brett@chadwicks.co.uk.


Please contact Suzi Heybourne, CEO, The Magdalene Group for further information on how you can support the organisation through skills, time, or financial donations.

T: 01603 610256
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