Could your company achieve zero waste to landfill?

By Ryan Marshall, Anglian Waste Recycling.
At Anglian Waste Recycling, we are always striving to minimise our environmental impact - and that of our clients.
Published in UK Director Magazines Summer 2024

Waste Recycling: Ryan Marshall, Anglian Waste Recycling

Our mission is to responsibly dispose of waste and metal, both from our customers and produced by the company, eventually reaching a zero waste to landfill goal.

As part of this environmental action, we want to provide a service to ensure other businesses and individuals have access to a responsible waste recycling solution – you can recycle more than you think!

So, if you are looking to improve your green credentials and start your eco-friendly journey, here are some things you may want to know…

Frequently asked questions

What items can be recycled? Almost anything can be recycled, however this is often dependent on three things:

  • Is it commercially viable based on the volume of the specific material?
  • Can it be separated?
  • Is there a suitable recycling facility which is geographically accessible?

Is there anything that can’t be recycled? Yes. Contamination is the main culprit for creating non-recyclables. For example: coffee in takeaway cups, pizza boxes containing pizza and greases, wet wipes, and the majority of wrapping papers (227,000 miles of this used at Christmas each year in the UK). Black plastics are often not recycled as they are unsuitable for mechanical sorting – they do not reflect the infra-red beams – and the items can contain carbon black.

How do I separate it and how many bins will I need? This will depend on waste compositions and volumes being generated at source. The answers will determine the number of recycling bins that may be required.

How often are they collected? They can be collected on the required frequency assuming that they fall within the catchment area.

What happens to the waste once it’s collected? Waste material will be tipped at a sorting facility – often referred to as an MRF (materials recycling facility). It will then be processed for sorting, both mechanically and by hand via a picking line.

What is the first step on my recycling journey? Anglian Waste Recycling offers a free business audit to demonstrate what is possible with regard to recycling opportunities and reducing costs. Within this, we analyse waste data against waste targets and identify areas where we can help each company achieve its goals to combat climate change. Also included is an operational review of what waste is generated and how it can be handled and processed in the most efficient manner. In short, your journey starts here.

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Ryan Marshall is Director of Waste and Recycling at Anglian Waste Recycling.
T: 01953 528888
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