Embracing the power of new technology

By Asa Margetts, IJYI.
In the dynamic world of business and technology, flexibility and persistence are crucial.
Published in UK Director Magazines Summer 2024

Software Development: Asa Margetts, IJYI

At IJYI, we use our expertise in software development, data analytics, artificial intelligence, and cloud services to develop effective solutions across a variety of sectors.

For example…

When approached to enhance digital services for a library, the vision was to build a platform that would assess the user’s well-being and connect them to activities such as events, workshops, and community programmes designed to enhance their mental health and wellness.

The tech toolbox

Artificial intelligence (AI) is highly efficient at processing large volumes of information quickly and effectively. In this example, its role would be to enhance how users interact with the platform by gradually learning from their choices and feedback. This process enables AI to tailor recommendations more accurately by identifying preferences and patterns in behaviour. Through leveraging these insights, the platform enhances user satisfaction and engagement, directing individuals to activities that align closely with their interests.

Implementing AI enables an organisation to deliver a service that continuously improves and adapts to the needs of its users, thereby maintaining high engagement and boosting user retention.

Our strategy for the library also included the use of ‘cloud’ technology for the management of increased digital traffic and data, while ensuring efficient and secure data handling. This would enable the client to scale its services as demand increased, without compromising on any performance or security.

Project Management

Building bespoke systems can take time, and at IJYI we use Agile project management for software delivery because it breaks the project into smaller, more manageable parts, called ‘sprints’.

Using this method, we can quickly incorporate client feedback into the development process, making timely adjustments and ensuring the final product is both adaptable and to client specifications.

In summary

This overall strategy serves as a practical blueprint for the thoughtful implementation of technology and shows the different ways in which it can enrich services and community engagement. It underscores the potential for substantial benefits to businesses and communities alike.

For organisations considering technological upgrades or innovations, this case study demonstrates the transformative potential of integrating advanced software solutions into their operations. It highlights the importance of being proactive, adaptive, and strategic when it comes to new technology, ensuring that businesses are well-prepared for the wealth of future opportunities.

Embracing the power of new technology 1


Asa Margetts is Chief Technology Officer at IJYI. IJYI specialise in delivering innovative technical solutions to customers, encompassing Software Development, Data & AI, and Cloud.

T: 01473 558748
E: asa.margetts@ijyi.com
Or visit www.ijyi.com

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