Ensors Corporate Finance team continues strong performance

The Ensors Corporate Finance team are celebrating as they hold onto the top spot in Experian’s East of England deals league table for Q3 2020, placing the well-established team as one of the top independent Corporate Finance teams in the region.
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Up to the end of September, the team completed 15 transactions with deals spanning a wide cross section of industries.  And, in many cases, the deals were completed in record time despite the very difficult conditions due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

David Scrivener, Corporate Finance Partner, said “This is a fantastic achievement and a true reflection on how hard the team have worked over the last 9 months.  Certainly, late March and April did see a brief dip in deals as companies took stock of the pandemic.  However, this was temporary and the market quickly recovered.”  He continued, “We are seeing a number of MBOs and Employee Ownership Trust transactions kick off as shareholder look for controlled exit processes. There are also a growing number of companies out there making strategic acquisitions where there is a strong strategic reason to do so, such as securing supply chain.”

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