In recognition of its sustainable focus, Essex based business Wear ‘Em Out has been shortlisted in The Great British Entrepreneur Awards for the South East region
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Wear ‘Em Out, one of the UK’s leading reusable sanitary pad providers, is a Frinton based business that has grown to become a six figure ecommerce business retailing to customers around the world. A mark of its growth and continued success comes as it’s recognised in the South East regional category at The Great British Entrepreneur Awards, as a national finalist with winner being announced at an awards ceremony in November..

Born with a mission to change the impact of periods on the environment and move away from disposable products in favour of reusables, Wear ‘Em Out has now sold over 100,000 reusable period pads across the world as well as supporting those unable to access adequate period products by gifting over 2,700 pads.

With disposable pads and tampons taking longer to degrade than the lifespan of the person who wore them (it can be up to 800 years!), Wear ‘Em Out was created to help people find an alternative to disposables and embrace reusables that can still deliver the comfort, convenience and support needed during a period.

Created by entrepreneur Lauren Derrett, the business creates reusable and stylish period pads that also have a positive effect on the planet by reducing menstrual waste.

Started in 2020, Lauren spotted a gap in the market after using reusable sanitary pads and finding them not meeting her needs. Looking for something to suit her busy lifestyle, she found that products already out there didn’t hit the mark and that many brands felt “underground” and not available in the mainstream. As a result, Lauren created her own brand with a stylish and practical pad that she would be happy chatting to her friends about, and one that would help open the conversation around reusable pads. 

Alongside this, her daughter was getting to an age where was about to begin her periods and through fear of her heading down the disposable route, Lauren decided that it was time to bring a must have period pad out of the shadows and into the hands of future generations.

With the majority of period education taught in schools focusing on disposables rather than the alternatives available, change was needed and something Lauren was passionate about making happen.

As a successful sustainable business, Wear ‘Em Out is using its platform and turning its focus to making real changes to how periods and managing them is  taught in school. From widening the choices whilst also opening up the conversations around periods to eradicate ‘period shaming’ in future, spreading the message far and wide that periods are normal and that people can make the choice that’s right for them as well as lessening the environmental impact.

To help teachers open up the discussion of reusables, Wear ‘Em Out also offers storage bags, period trackers, starter kits as well as education kits for schools and other settings that help educate young people about the reusable options available to them.

 Lauren Derrett, CEO and founder of Wear ‘Em Out, said: “We are excited to be shortlisted for this award and alongside others also striving to make a difference for the planet with their businesses.

“Our business was born from the desire to make lasting change and this award shines light on our hard work as a sustainable business in the South East. We’re more focused than ever before on driving this change and lessening the impact on the planet from menstrual waste and disposables thrown away. We can all make a difference with our choices and even the smallest of lifestyle changes can amount to a bigger change that has a positive impact on our planet.

“We have been championing change since 2020 and this year we’re more focused than ever before as we want to make sure the education received in schools, which is so vital in shaping our ideas and attitudes to periods, includes sustainable options and breaks down the taboos that can make periods feel shameful and something we should hide. “Periods shouldn’t be a taboo subject and the more we can be open about it then the better understanding we have of it. Whether you have periods,  live with someone who does, or know someone having one, they affect us all so it’s really not something to be swept under the carpet.”

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