AI – Helping to run your business better?

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On Wednesday, November 20, UK Director Magazines will be hosting an interesting (and fun) event at the University of Suffolk, where business leaders can come together to learn more about the benefits and potential issues around the use of AI in business.

The event aims to simplify the jargon, demonstrate the exciting possibilities, and provide business owners, directors, partners, and senior decision makers with the opportunity to learn more, ask questions, and try some of the software currently available.

From the many free online platforms for content creation (such as ChatGPT), to the more complex algorithms being used for research and development, the technology is here and moving fast – it’s time to get on board and we can help.


A range of local exhibitors with stands.

An initial meet and greet – with tea, coffee, and pastries.

The morning will see a series of presentations from tech specialists and those in the industry, followed by an open Q&A session. This is a great opportunity to ask a team of experts about how to integrate AI into your business and to explore the possible downsides for your team and brand. A QR code will also be available for those who want to send in an anonymous question for the panel.

There will then be a break to enjoy refreshments and network.

After lunch, our partner for the event, IJYI, will be holding a series of workshops for those who want to explore further and perhaps get more hands on with the tech. The spaces for these will be limited and must be booked in advance.

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So, if AI is on your radar but blowing your mind, this is the perfect opportunity to demystify the subject and find practical, useful ways to start your AI journey.

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AI – Helping to run your business better

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