Every day is a school day in business

By Ryan Jiggens, Maze Logistic Solutions.
Last year was a big year for Maze Logistic Solutions, and we have big plans for the future.
Published in UK Director Magazines Summer 2024

Sharing Experience: Ryan Jiggens, Maze Logistic Solutions

In August, I spearheaded a strategic buyout of the company, launching a whole new era of transformation and expansion.

Having spent six years as general manager, then two as a director, I am honoured to move into my new role as managing director and I look forward to steering Maze through this thrilling new chapter – but with this great honour comes a wealth of new responsibilities.

While I have a clear vision for building the business – offering new services, fortifying the company’s infrastructure, and ensuring operational efficiency and reliability – there is no doubt that my new leadership path will challenge me and that’s something I look forward to embracing. 

More to learn

A key characteristic for any business leader should be a willingness to continue your own personal development and remain open to learning, and it is this tenacious mindset that led me to attend the Suffolk Director event in March.

Having open and honest discussions with other business leaders, and sharing our thoughts, concerns, and ambitions, proved to be a great source of knowledge and comfort. Understanding the underlying root causes of problems faced individually, and having the support and tools to be able to navigate them, will continue to have a positive impact on my daily work.

Through talking to the other delegates and listening to the keynote speakers, I came away with many valuable new ways to help Maze operate efficiently day to day.

In the wake of the event, we have transformed our management structure and initiated a re-evaluation of our processes. Recognising the need for agility in an ever-evolving market, our new approach fosters greater collaboration and rapid decision-making across all levels. By empowering frontline teams, we are cultivating a culture of innovation and responsiveness, enabling us to navigate disruptions and embrace opportunities swiftly.

Introducing these new strategies and improvements offers me the ability to focus on the company’s continued scalable growth – working on the business rather than in the business. I can take an overall view, confident that we have put in place all the additional skills required to thrive as we move forward into the next phase.

The big picture

We have big plans for the future and this is an exciting new period for the company.

Maze continues to enhance its operation by developing its infrastructure and working in partnership with its clients and suppliers, offering solutions that support productivity and drive efficiencies. Our wealth of experience, enthusiasm, and flexible and innovative approach, complements our unwavering commitment to excellence and expertise within the haulage sector. 

Every day is a school day in business 1


Ryan Jiggens is Managing Director at Maze Logistic Solutions.

T: 01473 653010 / 07956 114150
E: ryan.jiggens@mazesolutions.co.uk
Or visit www.mazesolutions.co.uk

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