By Ben GraySuffolk Strength Academy
The last few months has been an opportunity to reassess and refocus on what is important to us. 

Published in Suffolk Director Magazine Summer/Autumn 2020

Physical Wellbeing

For many we may have been afforded the opportunity to spend more time with our families, live at a slower pace; and with very few places open allowing us our indulgences, outgoings are likely to have been reduced (for a short time at least) to just the essentials. 

Questions to answer

This may have been an idealized bliss for some, but even with the fears and uncertainty surrounding the future, I do believe it is time we asked ourselves some serious questions around whether or not our businesses are serving us. 

• Are we working towards financial wealth, at the cost of our health? 

• Are we working towards monetary success for our families at the cost of our presence? 

• Are we planning to build an empire, or a business to safeguard our retirement and is that growth to the detriment of being able to enjoy that retirement due to the degradation of our physical self? 

• We all know running a business isn’t easy and there may be long hours and time away that just can’t be helped, but at what point does that process start to take us away from our enjoyment of life or what it is we truly value and start controlling us, rather than serving us? 

Paying the price

There are a lot of questions here, but many of us are chasing our financial goals without any thought or consideration toward our present and future health and it WILL come back to bite; if not today, sometime sooner than we hoped… 

The anxiety, the tiredness, the sleepless nights, the aches and the pains in our muscles, our joints and our chests, the extra pounds you’re carrying around the mid-section, the breathlessness, the lack of energy, the impatience, the lack of enthusiasm for life, the increased drinking, the over reliance on indulgence, and the lack of peace we experience are all signs that something is out of balance

They are all signs that something is coming to get us, and never has this been more evident than in the past few months. Never in our lifetime has the importance of our current health status been called into question than it has with recent events. 

Time to change

And no, simply adding running and cycling to an already stressed out heavy schedule is not the answer.

 It is time to ADAPT our businesses. It’s time we stepped back and created businesses that don’t just serve us financially but are able to support our overall life. Much like how any step we take into health and fitness should make our overall life experience better, our ventures into business should be doing the same! 

We can help you get back on track

Here at Suffolk Strength Academy, we work with hardworking business owners to help them re-establish their health, have more energy, and live pain free, so that they can give more to their businesses, their families, and start to enjoy the experience once again. We would love to show you how we do that.


Ben Gray is a personal fitness coach and the Founder and Owner of Suffolk Strength Academy. T: 07817 804716 E: or visit:

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