For your own peace of mind, is it time to get a coach?

By Beverley Gedge, Executive Coach, Skybridge
Running a business is always challenging, but it is even more so during this time of economic turbulence and uncertainty.

Published in Norfolk and Suffolk Director Magazines Autumn/Winter 2020

At the very least, you have probably experienced significant ups and downs, highs and lows over the last few months, but fortunately, even when you find yourself in a low stretch, there is always a way up and out.

Switching perspective

The ability to switch your outlook can very often be crucial to any major breakthrough and often, the best approach in identifying the root of what is holding you back, is to engage an outside perspective. During these unsettling times, it is all too easy for your own mindset to be the thing that keeps you locked into a particular situation. This is where a professional coach can assist and help you, as they will have the tools and techniques to facilitate the switching of perspectives.

Being a business leader can be lonely. As the person in charge, you are expected to know every facet of what goes on in your company and to have the solution to any problem. On one hand that seems to make logical sense, but on closer inspection, it makes no sense at all. When you are involved in something day in, day out, it is impossible to be objective all the time. It is easy to do the same things, to fall into bad habits, to fear real change. That is why coaches are such a vital component of running a successful business.

So, what signs indicate that you need a coach?

1. Do you feel overwhelmed? Have you reached a point where you simply have too many tasks to complete day to day, and you struggle to complete the most important ones as a result?

2. Do you have someone to talk to? If you don’t have anyone to talk to about your business, a coach can help you by providing impartial advice without judgement. They can also be your sounding board; someone to bounce ideas off and get honest feedback.

3. Do you need someone to urge you on? Do you have a good idea of what to do next, but you are struggling to act? A coach can challenge the decisions you are making and point you in the right direction to implement your ideas.

4. Do you feel you are wasting time and effort? Are you focusing your activities on growth strategies that are not working? Although, you may be strong in some areas, it is unlikely you will be great at everything and taking the view that you know everything about running a business can be dangerous. A coach can help you refocus on the routes to enable you to achieve business and professional growth more quickly.

5. Are things not going according to plan? Are you not generating the results you were expecting? Sometimes, although we feel like we already know the next best steps to take concerning our business growth, they don’t always work. A coach can help you review and reassess what might be going wrong and set you on the right path to success.

6. Do you want to save time and money? It seems counterintuitive, but the reality of the situation is that you can save time and money when you hire a coach. Yes, it takes time to work with your coach and they are going to charge you. However, this is an investment that can payback big time in dividends; put in the work and the money, and you will see a return.

7. Are you playing to your strengths? A coach can help you identify what you are good at and empower you to take responsibility for things where you know you can make a difference. They can also help you identify what you need to delegate to others, as there may well be other people in your organisation, or outside it, that could do the task just as well if you can relinquish the responsibility.

8. Are there problems in your leadership team? Coaching can unlock some amazing benefits for your business, such as boosting employee morale, retention rates and even performance. With strong coaches working alongside your leadership team and down through all levels of your workforce, you can remain competitive in today’s challenging marketplace and futureproof your company.

9. Do you need help in understanding how your employees feel? Don’t assume that you know what your team and support structure need. By nurturing your employees at work, you will help them feel happier and have more meaningful relationships across your organisation. Leaders need to be curious and explore what their employees might be thinking. You may have employees that are either returning from furlough or having to reacclimatise as they have been working from home over the last few months. Although you might be desperate to get the business up and running again, it is important to spend the time to understand how they might be thinking and have been affected during these changing and challenging times.

10. Is your work life balance out of kilter? Are you struggling to balance all your obligations across work life and family? A coach can help give you tips and strategies to perform more effectively based on your work style and personality.

As well as dealing with complexities and learning new skills, a coach can help you overcome the many challenges that come from running an organisation. They can help you with recognising your weak points, giving objective outside counsel, and holding you accountable to your aims and aspirations. Your time with a coach should be like making an appointment with yourself; it is time they dedicate to only you and elevating you to reach your goals.

As a result, you will be able to take a step back and create a roadmap for you and your business. It is not a case of what have you got to lose; it is more a case of what you can achieve, and if you find a coach that you trust, be committed, be inspired, and get your life back!

For your own peace of mind, is it time to get a coach? 1

If you would like more information on how engaging a coach can help you see your business with fresh eyes, support you with new challenges, and guide you towards stronger decision making, then contact Beverley Gedge, Executive Coach on: T: 07799 664026
E: or visit the Skybridge website

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