From Holkham to Harvard: workplace motivator goes stateside

Norfolk director Cassandra Andrews has returned from a week-long trip to help American business leaders motivate their staff.

Harvard University are amongst the organisations to benefit from Cassandra’s workshops which focus on the individual motivational traits of employees – and how best to manage them to increase productivity and retention.

It comes as the total number of job vacancies in Britain passes a million for the first time. In America, there have been a whopping 24 million resignations since spring, as people revaluate their lives post pandemic.

Cromer-based Cassandra, who, closer to home, works with Norfolk’s Holkham Estate as part of her portfolio, uses a psychometric technique called ‘Motivational Maps’ to understand what makes individuals tick and how best to optimise team dynamics. She said:

“Too often, organisations put in broad-brush mechanics, failing to realise that every human is wired differently and therefore have different motivators. My role is to root out what is important to every member of each team, how they wish to be managed, recognised and rewarded, so that individuals genuinely do feel empowered and love their job.”

“My map shows I love freedom and autonomy, which is why I run my own business! Other motivators include having a strong sense of purpose, coming to work for the social aspect, wanting to be in charge and being creative and innovative. There are nine motivators – we all have them in different levels of intensity so no two people are the same.”

Cassandra set up her motivation business 18 months before the pandemic hit and says the organisations that get ahead of the game on their employee engagement strategy will be best placed to thrive as the world move on from COVID:

“There has been a real sense of bemusement this year. 2021 began with mass layoffs and uncertainty for so many employees. Now, the tables have turned, with employees quitting and creating real challenges around staffing levels for their bosses.”

“Of course, there’s no easy fix, but as we’ve all seen the studies for many years that show individuals wish to be treated as such, we must respond to this and offer them the type of workplace experience they crave. This begins with their motivators

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