Funded leadership training: make the most of it

By Kathryn Horton, Turning Factor
In June 2022, The CIPD (Chartered Institute of Professional Development) Good Work Index, an annual benchmark of job quality in the UK, revealed that 20 per cent of workers planned to hand in their notice within 12 months.
Published in Suffolk Director Magazine Spring | Summer 2023

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There are a number of reasons why people want to quit – wanting more money, job satisfaction, and a better work-life balance to name a few. However, there is one contributing factor often overlooked by employers that helps to retain talent: training and development opportunities.

Leadership training

This is one of the most important areas to focus on for any business – from managers on the front line up to CEO. Training brings considerable benefits to the individual, and good leadership skills have a positive effect on the rest of the workforce. It’s a win-win.

At Turning Factor, we know the benefits training can bring at every level. We are a strategic learning and development company that specialises in delivering bespoke training programmes and organisational change services to companies, big and small. Our expert tutors have solid practical business backgrounds, that allow them to advise and train our clients in a wide range of disciplines and industries.

Funding grants

Sometimes we find that businesses mistakenly believe that training is going to be too expensive and out of reach; it’s money that they simply don’t have, or which could be better spent elsewhere. But did you know that grants are available to fund the cost?

For SMEs specifically in Norfolk and Suffolk, there are three sources that are definitely worth considering: SPARC Fund; Skills Bootcamps; and The Supply Chain Skills Development Fund.

At Turning Factor, we’ve also just been allocated 40 Government-funded places for Norfolk and Suffolk businesses on our ILM Level 3 (20 places) and ILM Level 5 (20 places) leadership courses. These places are between 70 and 90 per cent funded depending on the size of your company, but for SMEs with less than 250 staff, businesses only have to pay 10 per cent of the cost. This means you have access to our ILM Level 5 course for senior managers for as little as £250, while the Level 3 course for more junior managers is available from just £150.

We will provide all the support and backup you need to complete these courses, which span five months (one day per month) and lead to an internationally recognised management qualification.

Bespoke, expert solutions

At Turning Factor, we are very proud of our unique approach to helping businesses overcome challenges and enhance the skills of their workforce. All our tutors are experts within their field and most of our offering is bespoke; we really like to get underneath the skin of each business.

We have dedicated training suites, or we can take our expertise to your location, or conduct sessions virtually – whatever works best for you.

From helping you to apply for training funding, to delivering bespoke organisational change solutions, we will guide and support you every step of the way.

Funded leadership training: make the most of it 1

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