FXhome: A tech tale built on passion

Norfolk businessman Josh Davies is the inspirational founder of the hugely successful software company FXhome, which in recent months has been bought by leading global tech firm, Artlist. So, how does one man’s passion for helping creatives create, result in a global acquisition and the opportunity for Norwich to be at the heart of tech triumph?
Published in Norfolk Director Magazine, Winter 2021|22
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Creative Tech: FXhome

Norfolk businessman Josh Davies is the inspirational founder of the hugely successful software company FXhome, which in recent months has been bought by leading global tech firm, Artlist.

That Josh chose to turn down an acquisition offer from Apple because the timing wasn’t quite right for the journey of his Norwich team, tells you a great deal about his steadfast passion for his people and their experience.

The region’s tech elite

Josh patiently waited two decades to secure the perfect kind of partnership for his brand and his employees. He now finds himself leading the next chapter of an East Anglian story which will not only create life-defining career opportunities for the region’s tech elite but will ensure many millions of young creatives globally will get to express themselves with unique and exceptional content.

That people-first passion is perhaps in part why FXhome, which will now become Artlist’s critical ‘software and visual effects arm’, is already fuelled by hugely motivated and creative staff, who love their Norfolk location and thrive on seeing young content creators getting a unique voice through the medium of film.

“When you’ve built and shaped a business with a real heart, there’s no way you’re ever going to consider selling it to, or joining forces with, any brand unless everything aligns perfectly.” Josh enthuses.

“We receive messages all the time from kids who write to us to say that, because of our products, they blew their teachers away with the innovative visual content they created for a classroom presentation. I see us as the makers of the chisels – the tools – which help them carve their story and tell it to the world.

“I went from being the UEA student studying art, to trying to solve a desire among amateur film makers to create your Star Wars and Matrix type effects. The new generation we’re inspiring will be pushing new boundaries…and ultimately teaching me and my team.”

The importance of teamwork

That ‘team’, and more to the point, rapidly growing it, is very much the focus of Josh and his leadership colleagues. Soon, the Fakenham-born entrepreneur envisages his cohort of developers going from 15 to 60, with further staff recruited to HR, finance, and other key project roles.

He says: “This next phase is so exciting for all of us. Working as part of this global unicorn company will elevate us to a level, we just couldn’t have offered our employees in the past. It’s a major opportunity for people who want to be in this great part of the country and take their career to incredible heights as part of a world-leading story.

“Norwich is absolutely intrinsic to who we are as a business, and I’m so fortunate that Artlist completely get that.

“In everything we do now, it matters to me that we benefit the city I call home, and that I’m delivering a legacy to the region as a result of being fortunate enough to have the best job in the world.”

FXhome, as part of its new era under the brand of Artlist, is currently recruiting a number of roles in software development. To find out more, contact jobs@fxhome.com. You can see more about the business of FXhome by visiting fxhome.com/our-story/join-the-team

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