Get the skin you deserve

By Juliette John, Aesthetic Laser Skin Wellness Clinic
We know how much skin problems can impact confidence and lower self-esteem. From our clinic on Tuddenham Road in Ipswich, we want to shine a light on how laser treatments and injectables can transform your appearance, helping you get back your mojo and face the world with a smile.

Published in Suffolk Director Magazine Winter 2023|24
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Juliette John, Aesthetic Laser Skin Wellness Clinic

From concerns like pigmentation, rosacea and thread veins to ageing, we offer some of the most effective treatments on the market that are redefining the path to clear, even-toned and revitalised skin with outstanding results. The latest technologies, science and training are at the forefront of everything we do, so you can rest assured that you’re putting your skin in the best of expert hands.

Let’s consider, for instance the laser treatments we offer. These include ClearLift, ClearSkin-PRO, DYE-VL and iPixel, a mix of pigment-specific lasers that get to work on discolouration, vascular lasers that tackle redness and veins, and fractional lasers to rejuvenate the overall texture. Combining lasers can tailor the treatment to an individual’s specific skin type and concerns, optimising the potential for collagen stimulation, skin renewal, and a more even complexion.

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A personalised plan

As part of our support, a comprehensive assessment by one of our skilled skincare professionals ensures you have a personalised plan just for you, maximising the benefits while minimising any potential risks.

Our most-loved combination laser treatment for scarring, pigmentation and advanced signs of ageing is the Pixel-Lift. This laser combo harnesses the benefits of iPixel Erbium Yag Laser Resurfacing and ER-Glass ClearSkin PRO, to achieve even skin tone, texture and a visible lift and tightening of the skin. This treatment is great for anyone who is looking to improve the appearance of scarring or textural concerns caused by acne or the advanced signs of sun damage.

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Amazing results

The high-quality cosmetic injectables we use can achieve amazing results in rejuvenating and revitalising the skin: anti-ageing, dermal filler, skin boosting and fat dissolving injectables form an integral part of our extensive treatment list.

Prices for laser treatment targeting rosacea, facial thread veins, pigmentation and sunspots start from £160 per session (£430/course of 3 sessions). Please enquire about our pay-as-you-go plans and discounted courses, and gift vouchers.

And if you’re looking to treat someone special, gift vouchers are available to purchase from reception and online for all treatments (valid for 12 months from issue)     

Photos of consultation and Juliette John taken by Simply C Photography      

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Get in touch

Juliette John is Founder and Owner of the Juliette John Aesthetic Laser Skin Wellness Clinic. For more information, or to book a consultation, contact:

T: 07909 500466
Or visit

You can also message via WhatsApp on 07909 500466 

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