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An Hour or So The initiative connecting businesses with customers in the aid of charity.

Back in 2016, a charitable initiative called An Hour or So was introduced in Norfolk, encouraging local businesses to give an hour of their services in exchange for a charitable donation. The scheme was launched by local award-winning entrepreneur, speaker, author and business owner Serena Fordham...

Published in Norfolk Director Magazine, Winter/Spring 2020

…with the intention of helping local businesses to connect, communicate and grow, while donating to local worthy causes. And it’s been a huge success!

How does the scheme work?

It’s really simple. Firstly, there’s the ‘offerer’ of the service (the business) which agrees to give their service and time (usually one hour) for free provided a charitable donation is made. Secondly, there is the ‘receiver’ of the service (the customer) which can ‘try before they buy’ without the service costing its full value; something they might not otherwise have been able to afford. And finally, there are the charities (a full list of the charities the scheme supports can be found at which benefit from a cash donation to help fund their valuable work within the local community.

Why relaunch the initiative?

To ensure momentum is maintained and the initiative grows in the future, An Hour or So has been recently relaunched by Norfolk-based VA agency, Glow Virtual Assistants.

So, what’s the relationship between An Hour or So and Glow Virtual Assistants?

Well, Serena Fordham is the Founder of both. Serena originally launched the initiative as more of a hobby and side-line project while on maternity leave with her second child. She wanted a way of giving back to the local business community and charities that had supported her to grow Glow Virtual Assistants since 2013.

However, due to the overwhelming response and success of the initiative, Serena and the Glow Virtual Assistants team decided to relaunch An Hour or So, because they’re keen to see it develop and grow both locally and beyond, especially as it’s such a great way to be able to support charity in a straightforward but effective way.

How can you help boost the scheme?

To help drive and improve An Hour or So for everyone involved, there is a crowdfunding profile that you can also donate to. This helps connect more businesses to its customers and means more charities will benefit. There are also some valuable gifts available to businesses to thank them for their support with the crowdfunding campaign. Visit—connecting-businesses-for-charity for all the details.

So, whether you are a local business looking for a new way to connect with your potential customers, a customer looking to try a service before you commit, or a charity looking to gain extra exposure and funds, please get involved with An Hour or So today.

You can find out about An Hour or So, the pledges that are available to claim and the charities supported by the scheme, by visiting Glow Virtual Assistants offers VA services including business administration, bookkeeping, event and property management, project management and personal assistant services, all delivered by its knowledgeable and experienced team. If you’d like to know more about Glow Virtual Assistants and the services they offer local entrepreneurs and businesses, please visit

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