Giving Health & Safety the personal touch

By Tim Price, Park City Consulting
At Park City Consulting, we discourage the use of one word: ‘template’. The company developed its Health & Safety Service within the first year of launch, in 1998, founded on providing personal, face-to-face support at the client's location.

Published in Essex Director Magazine Spring | Summer 2023

Health and Safety: Park City Consulting

The sector has always been dominated by a one-size-fits-all, template-driven approach – often resulting in a DIY service for the client – this approach is alien to Park City.

Built on trust

We pride ourselves on being a ‘non-dependency’, pragmatic, critical friend; a trusted extension of the client’s team enabling it to build competency and confidence within its own resources.

Our team, based in Colchester, delivers services to clients tailored to their immediate needs and flexible to changing business requirements.

Basic services, in all cases, include compliance-based support to ensure the client’s Health & Safety policies and procedures meet their duty of care and legislative requirements. That they have risk assessments and safe systems of work that are reflective of the hazards and risks evident in the workplace.

The team are focused on engaging with the client’s operational team to provide practical support on-site to manage, monitor and report Health & Safety requirements, while also closing any non-compliances.

This practical support is how we become the client’s ‘critical friend’ and is delivered in a way that promotes ownership and accountability, so that Health & Safety management becomes second nature and ‘just what we do’.

With this approach, we avoid creating a relationship of dependency, always creating an opportunity for the client’s own staff to take responsibility and be confident enough to manage Health & Safety – secure in the knowledge that remote support is available throughout the business relationship.

Health & Safety is everyone’s responsibility

It’s worth noting that in the experiences of many SMEs, where a defined resource has been created for Health & Safety management – typically, the appointment of a Health & Safety manager or officer – a culture develops that becomes counterproductive to the effective management of Health & Safety.

This is due to everyone at every level abdicating their responsibilities. Far too often, we hear: “Health & Safety is done by the Health & Safety manager, not me or not us”.

Today, in a post-Covid world, our approach is more in demand than ever, with time at a premium for many clients that are just not able or willing to accept a DIY service.

On-site support from our lead specialists, embedded operationally to guide the management team, enables clients to satisfy their duty of care and create safer environments.

Importantly, it helps our clients’ managers to become competent and confident in their own abilities to manage Health & Safety, further enhanced through the training and development opportunities we offer.

Park City has delivered IOSH Health & Safety training courses for over 20 years, for directors, senior managers, line managers, team leaders and individual employees alike.

We provide in-house courses, either face-to-face or via an online system, which can be tailored to specific needs, so that Health & Safety becomes second nature for all.

Giving Health & Safety the personal touch 1

Tim Price is Operations Director at Park City Consulting

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