Introducing a fresh approach to healthcare, Dr. Charlotte Ridout and Nurse Amanda Snelling proudly unveil the inauguration of a private GP practice in Woodbridge, Suffolk on 26 October 2023.

Having worked in the NHS GP practices for many years, and together during the start of Covid-19, the duo sensed more and more frustration with patient challenges getting appointments – and in a timely manner. This was emphasised even more during covid and they saw a gap in the market to offer this new service, to be able to provide continuity of care whereby patients are remembered and care is in line with their historical medical needs.

Dedicated to delivering efficient and personalised care without impacting on patients’ NHS positions, the practice seeks to redefine the healthcare landscape in the local community and surrounding area.

With a strong emphasis on continuity of care, the practice desires to ensure that patients receive plenty of time for their appointments, with consistent, personalised attention from familiar healthcare clinicians during each visit. This patient-centric approach aims to foster enduring trust and rapport between patients and their healthcare professionals.

“Our mission is to offer accessible and streamlined healthcare services that prioritise patient well-being,” says Dr. Charlotte Ridout, GP Partner at the private practice. “By maintaining a focus on individualised care and reduced waiting times, we are committed to providing a seamless healthcare experience that complements the existing NHS services.”

Nurse Amanda Snelling, co-founder and Partner of the practice, adds, “We understand the importance of a patient-centred approach in healthcare. Our practice is built on the belief that every patient deserves prompt and reliable care without compromising their NHS entitlement.”

The private GP practice operates on a convenient pay-as-you-go basis, ensuring that top-quality healthcare services are accessible to all without affecting patients’ NHS healthcare provision. Individuals interested in experiencing this innovative healthcare approach can reach out to the practice at or telephone 01394 332 555 or for more information on services .

Image: Left is Nurse Amanda Snelling and the right is Dr Charlotte Ridout.

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